8 thoughts on “Crater Lake Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering Conference

  1. We gonna talk about it, but what are we doing about this? I’m showing signs for Morgellon’s, this shit’s scary.

  2. Obviously, the spraying must be terrible in Chiloquin, a small town, to have a conference with people from various parts of the world.

    I hope we can have some media avenue present to inform us here at the Trenches.

    1. If I understand the geography, Katie, I believe Chiloquin is surrounded by mountains that trap the stuff, much as L.A. traps smog.

      The high altitude that doesn’t allow time for dispersion, and the mountains don’t allow space for it, so I’d guess that Henry probably gets a bigger dose of chemtrail poison than the rest of us.

    2. Those bastards regularly spew their poison(s) over Lake Tahoe (10 miles west of me) which is located at a key spot in the N Sierra Nevada range.

      Makes me sick watching it and likely sick as a result of their aerial toxin dumps.

      I can predict the weather to a level only surpassed by my weather rock, once I see they are spewing.

  3. The sponsers who represents this industry should be liable for the illnesses and injuries resulting from the use of these toxins which are in our household products and many other products. I hope this conference exposes these chemical manufacturers which are harming us and outside environment.

  4. Damn! Wish I’d seen this a few days ago…might have been able to attend… this sounds really good! I hope someone will video the whole presentation and post here on The Trenches for the rest of us! 🙂

    1. Laura and I will be stopping in at the event, at least for a little while.
      A video is being made. The fellow making it is my neighbor and is very good at making videos. It will be up on our site as soon as it is finished, keeping in mind he does a very good job and quality takes a little time.

      1. That’s great news Henry! Thank you so much for making this available to us! By the way…today’s report from the Trenches was OUTSTANDING!!!

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