Creepy Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped!

The Daily Sheeple – by Ryan Bannister

A prankster in Stockton, California is not laughing after an attempt to scare people in a creepy clown costume ended with a man pulling out his pistol and striking him on the side of his head.

Sadiq Mohammad, 20, decided that clowning around in Stockton attempting to scare unsuspecting people was a good idea, and he assuredly reaped the consequences of this brilliant plan.  

He is a professional prankster who runs an entertainment website called Hoodclips, which gets almost 7 million views daily.

“The numbers don’t lie, people love comedy. That’s why I have a lot of followers,” Mohammad said.

Mohammad decided to hide behind some bushes and jump out to scare a man who was walking by, he began to cry out, “It’s a prank,” but the man said the prank was not funny, and he approached him with his pistol drawn.

He was struck down to the ground, and he and his cameraman immediately ran away.

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6 thoughts on “Creepy Clown Gets Pistol-Whipped!

  1. Good job knocking him with the gun and he’s fortunate to be alive.

    The lady speaking says, once the clown said it was a prank, the threat is over.

    The other guy doesn’t know for sure if it’s a prank, and should not believe the person claiming it’s a prank. Come on, he’s holding a saw threatening the guy, and he’s too believe it’s a prank.

    It turned out well, the guy with the gun handled it well, and the clown handled it well by hauling out of there.

  2. SO, how gaddamn funny do you think you are now, ‘Mo’?

    I know places that the clown (pun intended) would not have the opportunity
    to do that again. These are the kind of situations that the M$M creates when they hype up a particular theme/meme, just for clickbait…

  3. Media created clown-o-phobia rears its ugly head.

    Life insurance policies cancelled for all circus personnel as terrorist clowns are hunted by frightened Americans.

    Bozo is burned in effigy by angry mobs yearning to be delivered from the clown reign of terror.

    What about all the clowns who make a living by entertaining kids at birthday parties? Their careers are cut short by a sudden wave of clown hatred, inspired by a few idiots with clown costumes, and a “news” media desperately seeking distractions from reality.

  4. “People have the the right to defend themselves using reasonable force, it’s probably not reasonable to pull a gun”.
    Excuse me? The media created the phobia of clowns. That being said, some dumbass comes jumping out of the bushes wearing a clown suit or not deserves to be pistol whipped. Stop trying to scare people for laughs, cause it will get you killed. He’s lucky to have gotten away with his life intact.

    1. You’re right, Deb, and technically, scaring someone is an “assault”.

      I just don’t think I would have been so quick to pistol whip the idiot. To me it seems like an over-reaction to an act of stupidity, and I don’t think I would have felt a need to defend myself.

  5. You’re right as well JR. I would not have been so fast to pistol whip that idiot, but self defense comes first. Analyze a situation, assess the danger then react. Know when you’re in real danger, but depending on where you live can be a life or death situation. If it were me, I would have been a nutcracker LOL

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