19 thoughts on “Dallas, Texas – Always A Pain

  1. I30 up to Arkansas then I40 through to North Carolina for a Tues 4am drop. FUN- too fkg early for this boy. Maybe stop in and see Pastor Brooks in South Carolina. Great man.

    Dallas traffic seems mild here but it was a nightmare in downtown Dallas, this was a little east. Weekend downtown Dallas is horrible, some of the worst traffic in the Nation. 50 percent of the cars are invaders.

    Came in from Oklahoma.

      1. Same here Mark, I always have a time problem, this new boss is a real task master. I really have to watch myself with this guy, hes got me running hard, alot harder than I like. I was in Oklahoma just long enough to fuel, unbelievable…

      1. Unfortunately, I dont get into it with him Katie. We just try and avoid all that. Wr understand we are both on different sides of the fence there.He likes Mark kornke, I get it. We met while he was listening to Henry, he still does, but wont admit it. Great guy though. He sends me articles once in a while.

        Henry and I have talked about it. Henry as cool as he is just says, I cant tell you who your friends are. 🙂 Pastor Brooks isnt a Jew lover, believe me.

        Pastor Brooks runs a business and Trump has made him good money, I just leave it at that.

        Hes a builder, builds beautiful kitchens, built ins, professional cabinet maker. Incredible work..

        Has his own show every week called the bible hour, I’ve sat and watched him do his show a couple times.

        Loves guns, loves the second article. For the most part loves what we do here, just different points of view. He has our back when this shit lites off.

          1. “Pastor Brooks runs a business and Trump has made him good money”

            This says pretty much everything & will likely result in another vote for the mammon maker Trump; a vote to again subjugate myself under that corporation and it’s policies, and all it’s treason against my Bill of Rights.

            Brooks is a traitor and won’t be within an inch of my back.

            This isn’t about who likes who; it’s not a social club. I don’t listen to Henry because of who he is but the ratified BofR’s which belongs to us that he keeps as the standard, never wavering.

          2. Hes a friend of mine Katie, simple as that, has been for years. Could care less how you feel about the guy, or me for that matter. I support this site like it was my own, I helped build it. Obviously you have a problem with that. Do me a favor Katie, dont read my shit.

            I beat cancer, been thrown in jail more times than I can count, drive the country and meet great people. The trenches is my life, as is the reinstatement of the bill of rights. You got a problem with that, too fkn bad.

            Somebody doesn’t agree with who I am or what I do. Eat shit.

        1. Recently on a broadcast, I stated that though it would break my heart I would pull the lever on a family member if they were a traitor.
          You spoke of Brooks’ success in acquiring mammon. I’ll tell you something, Mark, I don’t give a f-k how much mammon any mother f-ker makes. Any man can make money, money cannot make a man.
          I have heard him in his sermon state that not just this country but this world belongs to his interpretation of his God and that literally anyone, including me, who refuses to accept his God as their king, should be put to the f-king sword.
          That is an absolute unquestionable violation to the first clause of the 1st Article to my Bill of Rights and it is treason by definition.
          Everything Katie said was the truth and I will be goddamned and go to hell if I will see a true patriot told to eat shit over a f-king traitor, and by God you know it.
          This is one little piece of personal activity you should have kept to yourself. I do not tell anyone who to associate with because it is none of my business, but when you bring a son of a bitch who has stuck the knife in my back into the conversation and praise him as a good man and then tell my sister Katie to eat shit, it becomes my business.
          I will never see a true patriot told to f-k off over a traitor.
          I’m up and the phone is turned on, brother.

          1. Ok Henry, I get it. Sometimes it just something as this that tears people apart, mis understandings, words and personalities. I understand completely brother. That’s what makes this site so special. You’ll never hear from me again.

          2. shazam! I did not read those comments until I saw your comment , Henry. Mark, all I can say from my perspective is our Bill of Rights is not a trade off. It cannot be set aside for a friendship. That would be a compromise. We must not we will not capitulate when it comes to our Common Law. As Henry has stated in the past “We are the Bill of Rights” ….we live it. To set it aside for any reason means death. Is that not where we find ourselves today as a nation….dying? It is a fight to restore our rightful Law but restore we will.

          3. I would never hold a grudge against you and you know that and your personal business is your own.
            You go through Texas all the time. I would recommend a visit with Matt and Katie so that you might understand how a true Christian can be true to their personal belief and uncompromising when it comes to the Bill of Rights.
            I never want to hurt your feelings, but the line has been drawn and anyone who advocates for an international communist, which Trump is as documented by the trademarks he holds in communist China, of which only an international communist can hold, is a traitor by definition of reality. The nickel is there.
            I understand that those who would betray the Bill of Rights are being rewarded, but anyone who would trade their brothers’ freedom for money is a mammon worshipper, and if they say otherwise they are lying. You cannot worship mammon and God, they are polar opposites, it is one or the other.
            Stay safe and know that you do have family, we are called Trenchers and we are unapologetic and absolute when it comes to that Bill of Rights.
            I’ll give you a call later today. We love you, Mark and when the rubber meets the road, we know you stand with us. Don’t let any of this ruin your day. The good days we can enjoy are becoming fewer and farther in between and life is short.

    1. Mark, if you ever get to wichita falls area stop by my place…would love to meet ya…Laura will give you my address

  2. Damn, Mark. Why didn’t you tell me you were driving my way? We could have met up. I live in Mckinney. We could’ve hung out.

    Maybe next time, I guess.

    And yes, traffic in Dallas is non stop even on the weekends and it’s only getting worse unfortunately.

  3. Mark, please don’t leave. You are such an important presence here. The times are such that mix-ups happen, and aren’t we all learning as we go? Good friends tell each other exactly how they read it. And every misunderstanding brings opportunity for improvement, for ALL concerned. The Trench without you would be like The Revolution without Sam Adams. He pushed the envelope and didn’t back down. The Bill of Rights was born. C’mon, Sam, uh, I mean Mark, please don’t leave. You are valued.

  4. Need to clear some things up:

    Yesterday’s unfortunate response to Katie’s unfortunate comment was uncalled for by me. As I have had to do on numerous occasions here, I have to apologize to both my brother Henry and our sister Katie. Sometimes, well always, my mouth talkes before my brain thinks.

    What was said by me that Pastor Brooks was a “great man” was uncalled for especially after what he said apparently to Henry. I wasn’t there so I didnt here it. I made that statement while typing too fast and only trying to make a quick point. My bad, brain not thinking.

    I also want to make it clear I’m no Trump lover, I hate the guy. HEs a lier and a mafia wanna be circus clown. Pastor Brooks likes the guy because he has enabled his clients to buy more services from him so hes making more money, I disagree with Pastor Brooks on this but I leave it alone because he is my friend. Henry and Pastor Brooks USED to be friends too, before the before mentioned unfortunate as hell dust up.

    In any event, no matter what happened yesterday, Pastor Brooks and I are friends even though I havent seen him in almost two years. Talked maybe twice in two years. I have dear friends all over the country all coming from this great site, before this site I had zero friends. NADA, ZILTCH, ZERO, NONE.

    Anyway, this comes from the heart. No conversations with Henry, just a good night sleep with some hard reflection. Hope this clears things up, apologizing is NEVER been something that comes easy for me.

    Katie is right, this isnt a social club, it’s a Patriots web site with social members like myself who frequent here, it’s a home for us, so I try and make it that way. I enjoy sharing with you guys. Lifes waaaay too short to short circuit our brains 24/7 because of the injustice and fraud going on around us. There has to be relief somewhere or we will go bat shit crazy.

    Sorry for the drama…

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