5 thoughts on “Dear Singers and Actors

  1. Why anyone would spend hard earned money on, say, Bono or Tom DeLong or any Hollywood actor is beyond me when you can watch movies or listen to music on various online platforms. Then again there are free e-books out there for your enjoyment (see ad at right side) 🙂

  2. Really.

    “Well I’m just an idiot with a nice singing voice, but since I made a lot of money, my naive political opinions are important.”

    Name recognition carries a lot of weight in a nation of TV-brainwashed celebrity worshipers.

    1. “… a nation of TV-brainwashed celebrity worshipers.”

      Unchallenged, JR.

      You can include politicians in that celebrity worshiped crowd, as well.

      The terminal stupidity in this country cannot continue unabated… something’s got to give.

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