Death for the Love of Money

As more US troops are being moved into the Middle East and Africa, the prevailing question seems to be, “When will World War III get under way?” and the short answer is that it has already began.  January 30, 2013, an Israeli fighter jet attacked inside Syria.  By international law, this was an overt act of war and as the United States is a party to an absolute binding defense/offense treaty with Zion, we were a part of that aggressive act and did in reality enter into a state of war with the sovereign country of Syria as a result.

The US has financed an Al Qaeda mercenary force which is presently engaged in open conflict with the government of the sovereign country of Syria, again, an act of war.  The US treasonous government has several times via drone, invaded the sovereign airspace of Pakistan and Yemen and in bombing the people of those countries the US has committed acts of war. 

Any time and every time the US crosses another country’s border and kills someone via a military action, it is an act of war.  As previously stated, the war is on and really all that is left is the escalation, said escalation of which is being planned as you are reading this article.

In the past world wars the US has been fortunate in that in the international financing of both sides of every conflict, the majority has come to the forces that the US was a part of, which has caused us to be on the side of victory, which has allowed us to be the ones to write the history wherein our every action has been portrayed as just.

More and more, as the cloak of Zion is removed, we are seeing that not only are we not justified in the military aggression we are a part of today, but in fact have been on the wrong side since we began invading other counties for the purpose of building an international Zionist empire.

I believe the peoples of the world can now see how a handful of evil internationalists have been playing ‘Good cop, Bad cop’ for the past hundred years in getting peoples from around the world to kill one another in what amounts to really nothing more than an international game of Monopoly.

At least this time around I suppose the peoples involved understand that this push for escalation towards World War III is motivated by nothing more than the evil ideology of the worship of mammon.  How would it be if every soldier turned his gun 180 degrees and opened fire on the real enemy, the haters of peace and brotherhood, the cabal of Zion?

God help us to do the right thing when the time comes.

One thought on “Death for the Love of Money

  1. “How would it be if every soldier turned his gun 180 degrees and opened fire on the real enemy, the haters of peace and brotherhood, the cabal of Zion?”

    About 90% of the world’s ‘terrorism’ would vanish overnight, that’s how it would be.

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