Don’t Forget The First Time They Came And Violated Americans 2nd Amentment Rights

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

This Government has all ready had a trial run on gun confiscation to see how the rest of America would react. They trial was successful, America said and did nothing. Did this give them the confidence they need to confiscate weapons on a much larger scale?

The DOJ memo (downloadable here as a PDF) states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation,”.

Watch, listen to your fellow Americans who were the victims of the first round of gun confiscation in these next 2 videos.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local authorities in New Orleans set out to confiscate all firearms in the region. By doing so they created “gun free zones” where only criminals & law enforcement were armed. These officials seemed oblivious to the principle that, “gun laws only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens”.

Will these ppeople give their guns up next time without a fight?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The First Time They Came And Violated Americans 2nd Amentment Rights

  1. You can’t make the comparison to Katrina in terms of gun confiscation. One can see the reason why people would give-up their weapons. I think that the gun issue has taken on a new life of it’s own. The Government has shown its cards, and people are not going to fold.

  2. All we legal gun owners should now begin to consider what we will do if such a knock comes on our door, and also have some sort of a plan. The first searches will probably be impromptu, but later they will return with metal detectors and x-ray equipment. We cannot be disarmed! If it comes to this, we will probably die in a Fema camp anyhow.

    1. Hi Yemis,

      Under the 2nd Amendment,.. EVERY AMERICAN is a legal gun owner.

      The Consitution makes no provision for the gov’t to use manufactured labels like Felon, Mentally Incompetent, or simply Psychological Unfit.

      Every American has the Un-alienable Right to own firearms, but as such, they have the legal and moral responsiblity to always handle them in a responsible manner.

      As for the searches, you are correct in there mthods, but incorrect in how long it will go on. The moment they start a broad based confiscation policy,.. it will only take a day or two before the first shooting incident,.. and then the escalation starts.

      Your far better off being ready for the escalation and actual fight, then where to hide what you will need on possibly short notice.

      JD – US Marines – A Sh*tfight is coming as this criminal gov’t will not allow any other outcome in the long run.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Although it is interesting to compare Katrina Confiscation to a Nation-Wide effort at it,.. there are several distinctions that render the two sufficiently different to negate the conclusion of the first as being the obvious outcome to the second.

    What should not be overlooked though, is the fact the gov’t has demonstrated a willingness, and has in fact disarmed a portion of the American population under guise of “public safety” (gee,.. where have we seen this strategy used before??……)

    Here is what I beleive a final analysis would indicate:

    People are waking up by vast numbers now,.. especially in relation to the notion of our unalienable right to own/possess/use firearms.

    The strategic battle is now being waged in halls of Congress, and at its state level counterparts.

    The agenda of the NWO REQUIRES full disarmamant.

    Therefore, it is when they try to actually TAKE peoples firearms away, that the confrontation starts.

    As with all gov’t operations,.. they will have the intial advantage, success,.. however, as word quickly spreads, and anger surfaces almost instantly, open conflict will appear very rapidly after the intial confiscations have occurred,… and then,… it will rapidly grow in intensity, as the communists in the Fed Gov’t will see this as their opportunity to make an example of the first fighters, by bringing overwhelming and brutal force to the situation, exterminating virtually all present.

    This will only backfire as peoples sense of Justice, that has permitted the communists to get as far as they have, gives way to recognition of Injustice.

    It is this critical transition that brings the Kraken Of Patriotism to life, and when the whole of the peoples will not back down anymore.

    This is when we will be fully invested in trying to take back our country from the traitors, thieves, International Banksters, and back from the Rothchilds.

    Let us pray to God now, for the strength we will need, then.

    JD – US Marines – The monster of Patriotism is slowly awakening……

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