Defiant toddlers are being branded mentally unwell, NHS report finds

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Badly behaved toddlers are being branded mentally unwell, a major NHS report reveals which claims that one in 18 preschoolers is suffering from a psychological condition.

The first official survey of children’s mental health since 2004 concludes that hundreds of thousands of two to four-year-olds have “at least one mental disorder”.  

The results were last night described by charities as painting a “harrowing” picture of juvenile suffering.

But the report was also criticised by experts for inappropriately “medicalising” unruly behaviour. Based on information from 9,117 children and young people, health chiefs say 5.5 per cent of preschool children now have a mental health disorder.

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5 thoughts on “Defiant toddlers are being branded mentally unwell, NHS report finds

  1. Dissenters will be branded “mentally unwell”. This covers all time from birth to death. Pre-birth is covered by abortion.

    That label removes most rights of the person.

  2. Gee if that happened in the 1950s I woulda been locked up well before grade school! Maybe one day I’ll write a book about all the interesting things I did at age 4, such as sneak into a neighbor’s basement while they were gone, then when they got home and found me in the basement, when they asked who I was I said, “Davey Crockett” (since I wore the iconic coon-skin hat…). Then there was the time I picked up a bush trimmer and began cutting the next-door neighbor’s hedges…. God help the coddled children of today!

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