Democrats hit Rand Paul for disability comments

CNN – by Ashley Killough

Washington (CNN)Democrats blasted Sen. Rand Paul on Wednesday for arguing that a majority of people collecting Social Security disability benefits are taking advantage of the system.

Speaking at a New Hampshire diner about government waste, the Kentucky Republican said “there’s always somebody who’s deserving” of entitlement programs, “But everybody in this room knows somebody who’s gaming the system.”  

“What I tell people is, if you look like me and you hop out of your truck, you shouldn’t be getting a disability check. Over half of the people on disability are either anxious or their back hurts — join the club,” he said, drawing a few laughs from the audience. “Who doesn’t get a little anxious for work everyday and their back hurts? Everybody over 40 has back pain.”

Paul qualified his comments, saying there are people who are legitimately disabled but reiterated that there are also “malingers” who are essentially taking money “from the people who are paraplegic, quadriplegic.”

“We all know people who are horrifically disabled and can’t work, but if you have able-bodied people taking the money then there’s not enough money left for the people who are truly disabled,” he added.

Ray Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, was quick to pounce on his comments, saying in a call with reporters that the remark was “ridiculously reminiscent” of Mitt Romney’s controversial argument in 2012 that nearly half of Americans back Obama because they rely on government support.

Buckley acknowledged that there is fraud in the system but argued that Paul’s estimation that more than half of beneficiaries shouldn’t qualify was “way out of nowhere” and a “detachment from reality.”

According to a December 2014 report from the Social Security Administration, 14% of those who were issued disability benefits were diagnosed with “mood disorders,” while 28% reported “musculoskeletal system and connective tissue” diseases, which would be related to back problems.

Critics argue that the list of ailments covered by disability benefits is bloated and far too easy to take advantage of, resulting in millions of dollars in over-payments.

Proponents say there are strict standards in place to approve applicants. According to a 2013 SSA report, denied disability claims have averaged 59% from 2003-2012.

Asked to respond to Democratic attacks, Paul later reiterated that the government “should take care of those truly in need of help” but stressed that the “system is broken.”

“We absolutely should take care of those truly in need of help,” he said in a statement to CNN, responding to a request for a response to Democratic attacks. “But the system is broken, and when people can game the system, they are stealing from those who are truly disabled and won’t receive the care and aid they need. We must reform the system to ensure that those who really need help receive it.”

7 thoughts on “Democrats hit Rand Paul for disability comments

  1. “Speaking at a New Hampshire diner about government waste…”

    Did he speak about the many trillions “lost” by the Pentagon? How much do we pay for Homeland Security? What about the F-35 money-pit bomber that can’t even fly?

    Stop your lying Palsy. The only time anyone in our government talks about government waste is when they want to squeeze more money out of the American people, and S.S. disability payments are a mere fraction of what’s already been stolen from them.

    In 2001 alone, the Pentagon “lost” $2 trillion. That’s not what they spend when we don’t even have a legitimate enemy on the planet; that’s just what they “lost”, and it’s enough to cover all government payments made to the entire state of NY for FORTY YEARS.

    And if that lazy little rich boy has back problems, it’s from spending his life sitting on his ass, and he has some gall trying to cut the payments to disabled Americans. Where does that lying little shit get off saying “the majority of people collecting disability are gaming the system”? Does he have any factual data to base that statement on, or is this just another case of a politician suffering from diarrhea of the mouth?

    I hope I get to see his head roll.

  2. Sad to say, but I agree with Rand on this one. I know quite a few people in my area that are gaming this system in my area because of lack of jobs, but then some also were gaming the system before the economy began to tank. It is easier to do your drugs when on ssi than when you might have to be drug tested for a job. I had a cousin that got on ssi in his 40’s because he was an alcoholic. Most on ssi in my area are drug users too. Last year for over a month I would get phone calls pushing for people to sign up for disability. “Do you or some one in your household have a disability? We can help you get approve for ssi.” Remember the top Social Security dog testifying before Trey Gowdy because he was rubber stamping applications without even meeting with the applicant? It is totally a broken system.

    1. I don’t doubt that there are many people cheating SS out of disability checks, but how does that compare to what the Pentagon is cheating us all out of, and what are these little checks when compared to what’s already been stolen from Americans?

      Based on the oil wealth alone in this country, we all should have been born millionaires instead of being SS cheaters. No one in this country should have any difficulty living a comfortable life, and even being drunk all the time if that’s what they want to do.

      Everyone in America should be receiving a nice check every month for their fair share of the nation’s resources that’s presently being stolen. S.S. checks are a pittance by comparison. It’s just an example of a politician trying to steal more. It’s OUR money they’re all playing with, and getting rich off of while we struggle to eat.

      1. Thank you Thank you Thank you JR
        I couldnt have said it better .. sick of being F-ed and not kissed .. thats whats going to eventually start the shit in this country when or IF the majority wake the Flock Up!

  3. I am not interested in anything this little Israeli whore-boy has to say. We all know that the GOP can’t stand for any money to be spent supporting Americans and would like to see those who aren’t able to work simply starve in the streets – GOP wants more money for the war machine, more money for scumbag Rothschild Israel and tax breaks for the 1%
    Rand Paul should be ashamed of himself – but politicians have no shame.
    Paul,Cruz,Graham,McCain are traitors to Americans – paid off by the disgusting vile JewPack – wanting more wars for Rothschild’s profit
    They need to be flushed out of office. They are the reason Americans prefer hemorrhoids over Congress.

  4. SSI stands for supplemental security income and comes out of the general fund. It’s essentially medical welfare for those that haven’t qualified for social security. I know there’s a lot of confusion about this. I didn’t know until five or six years ago that SSI wasn’t paid out from SS.

  5. This is one thing I will agree with Rand Paul. I have seen it all the time. People who NEVER put a dime into the system and they get tons of crap. This has been going on since the early 1970’s and it has just gotten worst.

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