7 thoughts on “Did Jesus Reveal the Name of the Anti-Christ

  1. OK Obama was chosen quite some time ago for this position of president. Who rules? The Zionist Jews. Who knows the Book? The Zionist Jews so they set the stage. If you know something is going to happen in the future then can you not help it along and create it artificially? I think that is what we see here. Just one more manipulation.

    Not that he couldn’t be mind you but I just am suspicious these days.

    1. Can you get anymore Antichrist than the people who killed your Christ? There is your answer and so simple a child could figure it out. Unfortunately, Christians are delusional morons who expect others to tell them what to think. Why else would they support Israel with such zeal (root of word zealot). These people are a danger to themselves and the country. I try to be tolerant of idiots, but my patience is growing thin.

      1. There you go confusing Judaizing Christians with the rest. I have no use whatsoever for those people, since they are so blind to the truth as to be virtually worthless.

        There ARE those of us who know better.

  2. It is my understanding the anti will perform miracles and many will believe because of them.
    So far, he’s no miracle worker.

  3. Less than a minute into the video, I could tell this guy is an idiot. “If a modern jewish rabbi were to speak these words of Jesus today…”

    No self-respecting minion of Satan would ever speak the words of Jesus…

    The depth of their hatred for Him is unparalleled.

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