Did the police use Long Range Acoustic Devices at the Convoy to Canberra?

Malcolm Roberts

Feb 14, 2022There has been many attempts to paint anti-mandate protesters as extremists. It’s not true and even the Federal Police have said so.

At the protest some people were concerned about the appearance of possible Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) and whether they were used or not. We didn’t get an answer back straight away but the police will have to give me an answer on notice.

Transcript: https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/…

4 thoughts on “Did the police use Long Range Acoustic Devices at the Convoy to Canberra?

  1. Non-accountability, with a side of double-speak.

    And if the inquisitor meant business he would have had those who were burned there with him, or at least the photos of the burns begging explanation.

    A form of “I’ll have to get back to you on that” ain’t cuttin’ it.


    1. What is this ugly paradigm of so-called government, this structure of control that is dying all over the world? It is farce. False and unjust and unlawful authority. Self-appointed oppressors. Murderers with money.

      Sometimes I watch old movies about royalty and monarchies that have existed over the last few centuries. How long we’ve lived with them and their subjugating rule. The movies normalized them, in the best sense as something we just have to live with; in the worst, as something to be honored, revered, respected, even feared. Good kings/bad kings. All RICH kings giving orders, demanding our labor and stealing our wealth. Governments are not that different than monarchies.


      1. Glad you brought this up galen! When I was growing up studying history the one thing that never made any sense to me was how we were supposed to just assume that all the kings & queens just “gave up” their power to “governments” so that the people could now decide by “voting” who ran things. I always used to ask the question of people “so you believe royalty just turned around one day & said ‘Oh I think I’ll just let the people decide their own fates from now on & give up all my power!'”.

        It’s ALWAYS been a lie & a deceptive trick & not a very good one for people like me/us who always saw that the emperor was naked!!! The biggest & most frustrating question as always is why do so many fall for it & believe the lies to the point of defending them so vehemently?

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