12 thoughts on “Do Not Let Our Enemies Divide Us

  1. Hmmm….anyone else being told that their “browser does not recognize any of the video formats available”?

    I don’t believe this message, because I get it all the time on videos that my browser has no trouble displaying on different sites. For example: I get this message pertaining to many videos I try to watch at you-tube, but I have no trouble seeing the same video here.
    Obviously they want me to load software that has nothing to do with seeing the video clip, and there can’t be an innocent reason for that.

    1. I have been haveing that prob once in a while this last week too. However something has been shutting off my microsoft firewall all the time on me this last week and that is when I have that prob on my end.

  2. Amen Henry!
    I didn’t have any prob with video here, using windows.
    I did have problems yesterday the first 1/2hr. or so of The Word.
    Had video, no audio, so went to Liberty Tree, then my antivrus said it just stopped a recent attack, so shut that off and went back to Ustream where it was messed up showing commercial parts for abt the next 15 mins, then……I could finally see and hear The Word?

      1. Hmmmmm?
        They must have been talking abt something good 🙂 Will try later to go back and watch the archive. Or maybe they are just trying to mess with our/or some peoples computers? hmmmm……..

        1. Yep RT. We must be pressing someones buttons and touching nerves. The truth must be hurting somebody 🙂 🙂 . It is amazing how they all say to honest and truthfull but the when we all are they take it personal 🙂

  3. Real good message you have here on this post of yours. I hope others will be listening to it and spread that message.

  4. I would definitely like to see more messages like this in the future. It really drives the point home.

    I’ve had problems loading videos from the site in the past. I’m ashamed to say but I have msn as my internet provider. They just changed format on email to outlook express, and its shitty. So shitty its almost like they took a step backwards in technology.They can pick and choose which emails they allow me to open up and read.

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