We’re all black to them

I haven’t seen it myself, of course, but I’ve been hearing reports stating that the Zionist media has been serving up a steady diet of Martin & Zimmerman stew, complete with all the race baiting the Zionist media is famous for, so I thought I’d share my opinions on the matter because there seems to be a shortage of sanity and sense surrounding the issue, and apparently people are still dumb enough to fall for the same tricks year after year, and generation after generation.

The first aspect of this nonsense that needs to be addressed is its relevance, or lack of such, because when this is put into proper perspective, what we’re talking about is one shooting out of thousands that take place across a huge nation. Is there some reason this particular shooting was chosen to be so “important” that there’s some need for it to endlessly broadcast to three hundred million people?  

The answer is that it’s a convenient political tool for two reasons. Firstly, an emotionally charged issue like this provides an excellent distraction from the dozen or so scandals now plaguing the White House, but more importantly, it’s been intentionally turned into an emotionally charged issue for a bigger reason.

The powers that be, the government, the Zionists, the corporations, the Masons, or whatever you want to call them (they’re all the same entity) are beginning to realize that they don’t have as much of the nation fooled as they thought they did, and they’re shaking in their boots over the real possibility of getting their last glimpse of the world through a noose. With that thought nagging at them constantly, they’re also trying to verbally tap dance their way through the present economic and political mess for the people who are still listening to them, as they’re also haunted by their failure to disarm an angry population that’s being brutalized by cops.

Their only hope of survival lies in getting the American people to concentrate on killing each other rather than killing them, so the Martin-Zimmerman saga was billed as a racial incident, and is being sold to the dumber segments of our society just like any Hollywood movie, because there’s never any difficulty in finding an endless supply of idiots willing to jump on any bandwagon the TV rolls out for them.

If you make enough noise, there will always be people somewhere who are afraid to speak and want you to speak for them, and people like Alex Jones, Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, and Jesse Jackson all make a good living out of doing absolutely nothing but stirring up the common people’s  anger to suit their political ends, and increase their personal profit.

Because we are a multi-racial nation, race has always been used as a tool whenever a need arose to “divide and conquer” the population, and if Al Sharpton didn’t take the job, there would be some other loud-mouth windbag shoveling the same garbage, and being paid to do so by the same people.

Did you ever wonder why Al Sharpton gets funding from the Republican party and Dr. Martin Luther King only got a bullet? The reason is clear when you look at old news footage of Dr. King’s marches, because what you’ll see is black and white people marching together, rather than the Sharpton policy of working to divide people, and that unity scared the living crap out of the powers that be, the Masons, and the whole lot of psychotic power mongers that rule over us, regardless of what you choose to call them. They had previously worked hard to create the S.P.L.C., resurrect the K.K.K., and bombard Americans with racially divisive messages through their media outlets and public policy, but Dr. King was a little too smart to fall for it, and a little too honest to sell out to them.

Blacks and whites will always have to share this nation, and the entire country has come to accept that fact, regardless of their personal opinions on that matter. The result of this is that any racial hatred that existed in past generations has faded into reluctant acceptance by even the most ardent bigot, and no one really has the time nor the energy for that nonsense anymore, unless of course, they’re subjected to endless media messages that inspire it.

I’m white, but because I spent the first forty-five years of my life in Brooklyn, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many good, intelligent, and respectable black people, and I’ve also had the displeasure of knowing many others. In either case it wasn’t their skin color that defined who they were.

The fact of the matter is that American blacks and whites are of a slightly different culture, but that’s also true of Cajuns and cowboys, red-necks and city people, and every piece of Euro-trash that’s ever immigrated to our shores. Whether you were brought here in chains, or brought here by hunger or persecution, we’re all here now, and fighting amongst ourselves is probably about the silliest thing we could do in a time like this, because our survival depends on our unity, and being just a little too smart to fall for the same old tricks designed to keep us at each others throats.

Much less than twenty percent of America’s population can be considered “rich” or even comfortable these days. Twelve per sent of America’s population is black. That means at least sixty-eight per cent of the population is comprised of poor whites, who in my estimation are no better off than Brooklyn’s poor blacks. As I once told one of my black friends, “I don’t want to hear about your skin color, because the white man be holdin’ me down too.” In reality, most people enjoy getting along together, and all of the racism comes from the TV.

It’s only about race when they want us fighting each other, but they’ll be happy to rob and kill us all equally if we let them play us like fools. Forget my skin color and I’ll forget yours, because it’s a silly thing to be fighting over. Concentrate instead on our common enemy, and our common goal of restoring our constitutional republic, so at least we’ll have the freedom to hate each other if we choose to.   — Jolly Roger

“If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand”.
— Mark  3:25

27 thoughts on “We’re all black to them

  1. I like what you say, Jolly Roger.

    The concept of unity is an important one to ponder. There are fine and important distinctions between the “oneness” of the NWO/globalism, which is a bill of goods being sold to the people of the world with buzzword idealistic ideas such as tolerance, compassion, fairness, equality… and the unity of individuals who come together voluntarily, by choice, to defend the inherent rights of individuals to be free individuals.

    I know there is truth in the spiritual concept of oneness, but that is a transcendental truth, not the falsity of externally-imposed control to force individuals into an ever-narrowing range of sanctioned behaviors. That is NOT freedom. Freedom-unity is by the unfettered volition of the individual. That is the difference.

    I’d like to see people talking about this more (unity, what it means).

  2. Very well said, Jolly Roger, and I couldn’t agree more with you. The more we educate the masses as to who our TRUE enemy is-the Bolshevik communists that fill our governments at all levels-the less fighting amongst ourselves there will be. Then we can work and fight together to restore our precious republic, and eliminate any opposition to that end. Amen to your words Jolly Roger!

  3. 33 people were killed in Chicago over the weekend and ZNN nor FAUX hasn’t been broadcasting that around the clock.

    Why not, are they afraid people might wonder why the city in the USA with the strictest gun laws has the most gun-related deaths?

  4. Very good Jolly Roger, I never thought I would see the end times playing out but I am. It could be a long time till Christ returns for us, meantime we watch and pray. We have Abortions, Gay Marriage, Families broken, people fighting against ea other, just as it says, the Earth is crazy, and on and on.Have a great day all!

    1. Well if he does return, I’m ready for him with a clear conscience and a healthy, sane lifestyle that is very much modeled after his teachings. (far from perfect, but I do try)

  5. The clear goal is to “Divide and Conquer”, they bring in millions of immigrants to this nation and give them free stuff at our expense hoping we will erupt in violent clashes blaming the immigrants when it has been the Government feeding the fire all along. Do NOT fall for this instigated race war, show them that we know of their plans and stand tall against the real traitors who are trying to have us kill each other to get them off the hook for this task. Together we can defeat this evil New World Order and finally have a REAL free nation instead of this fake illusion of freedom they have been feeding us for the past one hundred years.

    1. Exactly. Do not fall for it.

      And do not mistake restraint for apathy or fear or unpreparedness or unawareness.

      I know there are a significant number of easily misled people, but if this country were full of crazy gun nuts, we’d be having Sandy Hooks every day. Clearly, with the huge number of gun owners relative to the miniscule number of “gun violence” incidents perpetrated by non-uniformed citizens, there must be a large number of aware, responsible, patriot-minded people quietly assessing the situation and preparing to act — not react to mere provocation.

      1. Great answers on here, my brain can’t put it all together right! Yes, notice the gun owners are not the ones causing problems, other than the Govt connected ones, or the occasional nutcase. They do expect that of us and make no bones about saying so. If people rise up it won’t be because they own a weapon, it will be against Tyranny.

  6. These sort of crimes happen ALL the time, from one end of the country to the other. It’s the MSM, hand-in-glove, with the Feds, that decided to make it a big deal.

    Anyway, Zimmerman, is NOT White. It’s easy to see the map of S. Amer. in his face. I don’t know why the Blacks, don’t figure it out.


    1. I assure you, the majority of blacks, who are in reality American nationals, do have it figured out. That is why it is failing.

    2. Hi Latina, of course he isn’t White .Stupid News Media! As I think about this, I don’t hear the Media, or the WH or the Sharptons, or Black Panthers screaming about the Murders weekly in Chicago, the most in the Country! They don’t care about those Black folks. Panthers were going to go in and control the Violence, isn’ that the pot calling the kettle black? How is Peace and Panthers go in the same sentence. I hope whatever the outcome is Gods plan and in the midst His Glory will shine. Have to admit, no matter what, the reaction will not be good and will open up a whole can of worms

  7. Are there any white people in those black panther buses rolling to Florida as we speak? Wonder how much white money has funded that trip?

    As usual, great piece Jolly Roger….

  8. antiGENTILISM. You are “goyim”, cattle, to them. YOU will assimilate, integrate, diversify, until YOU have NO IDENTITY. Meanwhile Israel is to be a “PURE” JEWISH place. Jews promote and DEMAND assimilation and integration here ….. then the same Jews run HOME to Israel and DEMAND PURE-JEWISM. You gentiles should “HEW WOOD and CARRY WATER” for the “chosen”.
    And by the way, Israel has been living off of YOUR taxes for 60+YEARS…Israel is a FAT WELFARE MAMMY. Your Family is poorer and does without so Israel can have the BEST.

  9. I dont understand why blacks are so anti white over a hispanic killing a black. It really comes down to the lowest common denominator.

    1. I think it is more about the WH creating a Race fight. Remember back w the Professor? I can’t remember the Hulllabaloo but the Pres HAD to make that a Race thing. If you ad Jeremiah Wright, and all his friends, easy to see how it came about. Remember the Don’t waste an Opportunity? Like I said, the Blacks I have know personally my whole life never fit into those catagories. Hollywood doesn’t help either.

  10. Great article JR. And yes, MLK was a man of the people who was exposing the powers behind the government as the real cause of social and economic strife. That is why he was silenced.

    1. I just read the not so right news available and they are talking about only 2 charges. Earlier it was 3, the 2 listed now and not guilty, what the heck happened to that one?

        1. Just read part of this on The Blaze just now. The Judge lives just a few mi away from the crime. Zimmermans Lawyers donated to her campaign. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

    2. This article reminds me of a few years back when I was sitting at the bar of a small Houston club. I was chatting with the bartender and somehow the topic led to me saying, “Black people think the establishment is out to get them. In fact, the establishment is out to get all of us.” The bartender, who was black, said “amen to that”… 🙂

      1. well said, both right SamAdams. So many different factions out to get us all. I am not sure I want to be around the Islam and the Elite are fighting it out. They might think they are in bed w ea other but one only one will come out on top

  11. According to Albert Pike-the Zionists would love for the Christians to kill the Moslems, and the Moslems to kill the Christians. Always looking for someone to do their dirty work for them. They are doing their best to create hatred between the two groups, so the best thing to do is defuse their plan for world domination.

  12. Spot on article, JR. As stated, there numerous murders every single day in this country, with the vast majority of them receiving a total pass by the MSM.

    The best analogy I can come up with is that they held a lottery, and Zimmerman’s number came up.

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