DOJ Is Run By Criminals

Published on Oct 14, 2015 by THElNFOWARRlOR

In a private meeting Attorney General Loretta Lynch told lawyers representing media organizations that the Justice Department will not send journalists to jail for doing their job. A commitment that previous Attorney General Eric Holder had made after The Obama administration charged more journalists and legitimate government whistle blowers with espionage than all other presidents combined since the passage of the 1917 Espionage Act.

Whether it was targeting CIA whistle blower John Kiriakou for exposing the agency’s torture program, seizing Associated Press phone records, prosecuting Chelsea Manning or going after journalists James Risen and James Rosen, Holder undoubtedly oversaw the largest attack on the First Amendment in modern history.

Holder’s career will go down as possibly the most criminal ever executed by an Attorney General of the United States. The fact that Loretta Lynch had to assure the American people that she would not arrest journalists, when we already have a first Amendment granting that protection. Is a red flag, nothing changed after Holder stepped down. Criminals still run the United States Department of Justice.

2 thoughts on “DOJ Is Run By Criminals

  1. Well, I have to agree with Holder on one thing. I agree we are a nation of cowards. Otherwise the entire executive staff, at least half the US Congress and the entire US Supreme Court would be hanging at the end of a rope.

  2. So what else is new? Where is Ollie North now? What happens to all the millions if not billions of dollars seized (asset forfeiture) from companies by DOJ? Who has that money? Who is behind Eric? Kristine Marcy….ever heard of her?

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