Donald Trump Comes Out Against 4th Amendment

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(RPIIn his main stage speech at the Republican National Convention in July, Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor and current advisor to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, predicted, “What I did for New York, Donald Trump will do for America.” That does seem to accurately state Trump’s intention, at least as far as expanding Giuliani’s stop-and-frisk police activity across the country is concerned.  

On Friday, NBC10 reporter Lauren Mayk asked Trump what police in Philadelphia “are not doing that they could be doing” for dealing with “gun violence,” Trump’s response included asserting that “stop-and-frisk,” which Trump credits to Giuliani, “is a very positive thing.” This is not just some one-off statement by Trump regarding stop-and-frisk. In July of 2013, Trump posted the following message on Twitter:

Adhyl Polanco, a New York City police whistle-blower, has provided a disturbing picture of the stop-and-frisk quota system employed by the New York City Police Department. Polanco explained in a 2013 Democracy Now interview that 600,000 of the around 700,000 police-initiated stop-and-frisk incidents the previous year would not have occurred but for improper encouragement by the city government, police department, and police union. The quota system, he says, even would result, near the end of a work shift, in some police just arresting “whoever’s at the corner.”

Trump’s statement in July that he would reinstate “in a heartbeat” the full flow of military weapons from the United States government to state and local police that President Barack Obama had limited fits right in with Trump’s promotion of stop-and-frisk. Together the two positions provide a window on how Trump would deal with police powers as president. In a nutshell, Trump favors expanding police power in America. As Trump toldhost Bill O’Reilly in a Fox News interview this month, Trump’s solution to the crime problem in Chicago is for cops in that city to be “very much tougher” than they are now.

Trump’s desire to expand police power extends beyond state and local cops to US government’s cops as well. In a Wednesday speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump declared his intention to “triple the number of [Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)] deportation officers” and “hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents,” a nearly one-third increase. Some people may object that all these new cops will be focused on countering illegal immigration, but, as Robert Wenzel cautions in a Target Liberty article regarding Trump’s Arizona speech, “It is really difficult to believe that a person who is so willing to expand the Federal police state in one sector is going to be more cautious in other areas.”

Also, remember that police patrolling the borders or enforcing immigration laws across America can surveil, harass, detain, search, injure, and even kill illegal immigrants and American citizens alike. With a president who cheers the New York City model of stop-and-frisk, who wants to remove limits on providing US military equipment to police, and who calls for police to be “very much tougher,” there is little reason to expect that his administration will place a high priority on restraining the liberty-endangering actions US government police may take.

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11 thoughts on “Donald Trump Comes Out Against 4th Amendment

  1. This is extremely scary – and once again, I continue to warn those authority figure worshiping toe suckers on the right who blindly and without devoting even 3 seconds of critical thought – automatically take the side of the cops in every publicized incident involving cops beating the snot out of citizens, or killing citizens for the most trivial of excuses – any new powers that a Trump Administration would give to cops will still be there one day, when the White House gets occupied by a hardcore, Communist, totalitarian, virulently anti-white liberal-leftist – and even if Trump can be trusted to not let cops abuse their new power (which I do not believe he can be trusted), you can bet the farm on the reality that the leftists WILL certainly unleash these jackbooted psychopaths with badges, guns, tanks, and drone missile strike weapons upon ANYONE in the so-called conservative and/or alt-right community of race realists.

    The bottom line is simple: No man or no political party can be trusted to not succumb to the temptation to unleash these horrible military weapons against the American population. That’s why our Founders did not believe in maintaining a standing army, folks. They had seen and experienced what happened to their kinsfolk in Europe when monarchy governments used standing armies against the citizens and they didn’t want the same thing to happen here.

    1. Race realist?
      The reality of race is that it is a good divider. That which faces us is not about race. Those who would put a bullet in our head and toss us in a ditch are of all races and they are united in their cause.
      The only divide here is between we American nationals of all pigments of skin, who will have our Bill of Rights absolute for each and every one of us that we may prosper in peace and freedom, and the international communists and, and, and the national socialists, who deplore our Bill of Rights as it makes all equal and creates a level playing field, which they fear because they are inadequate and can’t stand the prospect of individuals not a part of a clique being their equals.

      1. You’ve obviously never read the book titled ‘Culture of Critique’, written by the now retired, former Professor of Cal State Long Beach, Professor Kevin MacDonald – or else you would be aware of the fact that White Europeans worldwide – have been targeted for genocide by the Semitic alumni of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.

        Let me repeat, Henry. Whites have exclusively been targeted for genocide. Not blacks. Not Mexicans. Not Asians. Not any other race of human on this planet has a Cultural Marxist painted bulls-eye on their race – except White Europeans.

        But, you are partially correct about one aspect of your reply to my comment. The Frankfurt School gang do use race to divide and conquer. But, if you are incapable of recognizing the fact that this gang has worked very hard for the last 50 to 60 years to gather all the non-white races on one side of the line and brainwash them into believing Whites are the Ultimate Evil and, using their control of Hollywood and the mainstream media to relentlessly incite non-whites to commit acts of violence against Whites – then, you have not been paying very close attention.

        Heck, one reason why I have visited this website on a daily basis for the last few years was because I was under the impression that Henry Shively was fully awake to the Cultural Marxist agenda – but, it appears as if I was mistaken about that.

        I guess we all wake up to the truth at different stages of our lives. Some sooner than others.

        1. You can shove your insults up your arrogant ass and I have read more than just one book. I understand that the international illuminati intend to take the world population down to about 500 million. Of course they have to kill the white people first because we are the greatest threat because we are the most intelligent according to scientific study, but to take the population down to 500 million, they have to kill about 90% of the people. Again, we are the central threat and they must take us out before they take out the hoards because if we are smart enough to turn the hordes against them, they’re f#@ked.
          Now, tell me genius, what is your solution?

        2. “Let me repeat, Henry. Whites have exclusively been targeted for genocide. Not blacks. Not Mexicans. Not Asians. Not any other race of human on this planet has a Cultural Marxist painted bulls-eye on their race – except White Europeans.

          You’re the one who is obviously misinformed, and you’re an idiot if you honestly believe that drivel.

          The only people NOT slated to be targeted are OTHER jEWS (with a few exceptions). White people just happen to be at the top of their list because (as Henry pointed out) overall, we are the most intelligent race, and therefore are the biggest threat to the NWO’s plans.

          Where DO you get your ‘information’, anyway???

          Wakey, wakey…

  2. Regarding the 3 way poll presented earlier, the steaming pile of dog shite should have a boost in popularity in light of this…..

  3. Well there you have it; Trump’s brand of tyranny laid out for you. He’s preparing you for his brown-shirts now, and anyone who thinks cops need “more power” is an obvious enemy of all this country stands for.

    The ONLY solution to crime that preserves freedom is for Americans to defend themselves from crime, and not depend on government protection at all.

    Also, “What I did for New York, Donald Trump will do for America.” is a scary thought, because all Giuliani did for NYC was turn it into a Nazi police state with cops harassing everyone who wasn’t a rich yuppie.

    He takes credit for a drop in crime rates, but if you look at employment statistics, crime disappeared when people had jobs, and this trend began before Giuliani took office. Now crime is coming back because unemployment is coming back, and it has nothing to do with the policies of any politician.

    1. I heard a soundbite today of Trump in Detroit, speaking at some black church and Trump was gushing all sorts of praise and idol worship on Abraham Lincoln, who has to be one of the most evil, mentally insane, egotistical, murderous psychopaths to ever poison the Office of the Presidency.

      Chuck Baldwin, former Constitution Party Presidential candidate – who I voted for, by the way – recently released his top 10 worst presidents and Lincoln was #1. I agree 1,000 percent.

      [ excerpt begins ]

      1. Abraham Lincoln (Republican)
      Without an ounce of doubt in my mind, Abraham Lincoln is America’s absolute worst President. He did not free a single slave; but what he did do was begin the process of enslaving free men. It is no hyperbole to say that Lincoln truly governed as a dictator, not as a President.

      Virtually every single problem we are having today (and have had ever since Lincoln’s presidency) with an overbearing, encroaching, authoritarian federal government in Washington, D.C., came as a direct result of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. EVERY SINGLE ONE!
      [ end of excerpt ]

      I celebrate the memory of John Wilkes Booth, and the great service he did by sending Abe Lincoln to Hell where he belongs.

      And, if Trump really does admire Lincoln, we might be in for some big trouble – just down the road. Granted, worse trouble if the Hillary Witch is elected – but, either way – 2nd Amendment patriots had better make preparations.

  4. This is why I’m astounded that some libertarians actually support Trump. They appear to view him favorably solely on account of the neocons’ hatred for him.

    Well, the enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend. Even if Trump does turn out to justify the neocons’ worst fears, that doesn’t mean he won’t be a different kind of monster. Trump clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Bill of Rights or American values; he cares only about his ego and about being “tough.” He may have his sights set on becoming history’s next “great dictator.”

  5. OK folks, who the frell am I going to vote for now: Clinton, no frelling way, Tramp, sorry Trump, no frelling way, Johnson, no frelling way.

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