Donald Trump is going to meet with Henry Kissinger

Business Insider – by Eric Beech, Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to meet on Wednesday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing three people close to Trump.

The meeting in New York comes after weeks of telephone conversations between Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and Kissinger, who was a top adviser to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, the Post said.  

Last week, Trump met with former Secretary of State James Baker, who told a congressional hearing on the same day as the meeting that Trump’s foreign policy proposals would make the world a less stable place.

Trump has been criticized for suggesting the United States should rethink the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and that Japan and South Korea should consider getting nuclear weapons to defend themselves.


12 thoughts on “Donald Trump is going to meet with Henry Kissinger

  1. Will Trump get down on his knees and kiss Kissinger’s arse? Probably. I’d like to see him “bitch slap” that toad. Satan must be on vacation allowing that toad to hang around this long.

    Why are they meeting? Because Trump has brushed everyone else aside. What will Kissinger try to leverage “The Donald” with? Adelson’s money? Is Trump “bribable”? What do you think? You can be sure no good will come out of this.

    The MSM is in “full attack mode”, dredging up ridiculous smear pieces from 30+ years ago.
    “Donald Trump rubbed his elbow against a female breast at a crowded party in 1991. Oh, the horror, the horror. What a pig.”

    It is quite obvious the attacks against Trump are backfiring for the most part. CNN will pay random women to make up stories, that’s how desperate they are. The frivolousness of many of accusations is so shallow and obvious. Hey, I’m not a Trump fan but I like the way he’s stirring that giant “crock of $hit”.

    And yes, I do agree, he is a pig, washed and shined up, sprinkled with glitter and perfume, ready to rule his “piggy world.”

    1. Is Trump “bribable”?

      There’s another option, Millard, and it goes a little deeper than money.

      “Yes, Mr. Trump, you’ve done a nice job of rallying the support of the American people, but now you’re working for us, or your entire family will meet the same fate as the Romanovs”.

      But yes, I think he’s bribe-able, too.

  2. Im not voting. Trump and the rest are not worthy. Trump is CFR, Scottish Freemason tied to Epsteins Pedophilia, Mafia, Panama Papers blah blah. I keep telling people he is but they wont believe it. His closes Advisors are, hes talking about Gingrich for VP who is a CFR Member. Open you eyes when you surround yourself w a certain group of like minded folks thats where you stand.

    1. Implying the Brotherhood would accept someone as base as Donnie?

      Donnie would like to be but he is not. You have to keep your trap shut.

      Donnie can’t keep secrets. Snots/Irish love to blab.

  3. Well hopefully this will awaken some of the idiots to the fact of Trump being just another part of the manipulative show.

    Trips to Israel, millions from Adelson, and now tea and crumpets with the world’s most notorious war criminal.

    Maybe…..just maybe he’s NOT the knight in shining armor you were hoping for.

    People don’t want to lose hope for a peaceful solution, and anyone who provides that will get a lot of votes. I don’t care. We’ll be fighting the same war regardless of who they stick in the White House.

  4. Agree with pretty much everything everyone above has written, but here is another angle–I am sure everyone on here knows how Kissinger tends to sponsor assassinations (such as Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro back in the late 70s); perhaps Trump will make some kind of deal with Kissinger to keep that from happening to him. Not that Trump is pro-people, but that I truly believe Hilary will do anything to get into the Oval Office (I mean the Clintons did kill folks in the mid-90s, right? Mena and all that.)

  5. “Last week, Trump met with former Secretary of State James Baker, who told a congressional hearing on the same day as the meeting that Trump’s foreign policy proposals would make the world a less stable place.”

    Not possible.

    That’s reserved for jews.

  6. Boy, since becoming the prime candidate, he’s sure going out of his way to meet with all of the elites and sayig screw you to all the people who were rooting for him. When will people ever learn? Now that he’s got basically got the nomination, he doesn’t need the people anymore.

  7. Well now that Trump got what he wanted from the We the Sheeple, he’s done a complete 180 with a big screw you and betrayed the people who wanted him specifically because he tried exposing the elitists. Of course we on FTT all knew that was going to happen. Stupid sheeple.

    Like JR said, trips to Israel, then Adelson and now pedophile, war criminal, Zionist Kissassinger.

    Why are there still so many stupid sheeple in this country? WAKE UP!!!!

  8. I will state this again: None of those featured as candidates for president will ever see that desk in the oval office. There is another plan and we are not fortunate to be privileged with that information. However, see if I am not right. I have the ability to connect the dots and view things from another aspect and it all adds up. This campaign is entertainment and has been from the gitgo.

    Go back to Pirot and add up his run.

    Then move to Ron Paul add up his run. He unfortunately did not get hardly any media attention.

    How did Rand Paul do ……why he was not even noticed.

    Fast forward to Trump one good reason he is so popular is because he was given more media attention than anyone. Do you not find that strange and he is still the favorite of the media not as a candidate but for his ability to entertain and the ratings go up.

    Now we all know that Trump will never be president in any way shape or form and they do not have to kill him to have this problem removed. it would be too obvious besides deals can be made after all we saw the one made to have Hillary step down when she ran against Obama. She bargained for Secretary of State and the promise of another run in 2016. She unfortunately will not see the office either.

    There will be an election but from November to January all hell will break loose and Obama the last President has a surprise for all of us.

    Fast forward to his latest remarks:
    Last press corp event
    End of the Republic
    Dropping the microphone …….BOOM
    Queen Elizabeth and her grandson looking at a program for soon to come game……I AM grandson says while holding up hand palm down and fingers bent in a holding something position and what does he say as he opens his fingers …….BOOM.

    Do you get it??????

    I did and it isnt good.

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