Dundas Leaves People’s Convoy, Updates from Hagerstown MD

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‘The People’s Convoy’ began on Wednesday February 23, 2022 at a kickoff rally in Adelanto, California. The city mayor was there and his wife sang the national anthem. (The official site is thepeoplesconvoy.org. Their Facebook page is here.) Convoy participants are currently at a staging area in Hagerstown, Maryland.

In the video below posted March 6, organizer Brian Brase awkwardly announces that Leigh Dundas has left the convoy, and that they are going into DC after all. He basically says there are no hard feelings and that they love Leigh Dundas.

He also refers to questions regarding the fundraiser (without ever mentioning any names). Brase diminishes the significance entirely, but says he is open to questions, says he has full confidence in the funding effort & its’ management.

See videos and the rest here: https://nofacemask.blogspot.com/2022/03/dundas-leaves-peoples-convoy-updates.html

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