2 thoughts on “Putin putting a wrench into WEF agenda

  1. Putin is being canonized in the alt media. Could any objective justify the killing of innocents? And are innocents actually being killed? Hard to say. So many reports of crisis actors, lies, deceptions, staged events, and with big money-manipulation. Yeah, hard to say, but not hard to know what to believe, and that is to believe in, and fight for, The Bill of Rights, right here at home. That’s where the beginning is, the start line.

    Last I checked, varying reports put Putin’s net worth somewhere between $70 BILLION and $200 BILLION. Some say he could actually be ‘the richest person on earth.’ Where’d he get all that money? Was it from his personal effort, his sweat? Likely gained it (stole it) from the sweat of others.

    The playbook is still being written. I don’t even think they know their next move. Sure they may have a final “RESET” destination, but free people everywhere are messin’ up their plans, delaying the mission. Anagram for “reset” is ‘STEER.” Steer me not!!


  2. I don’t know where this guy has been, but there ARE chicoms on our Canadian border, allowed their by castros brat …. Canada is as hard up for informed, competent candidates as America is …. As hard up for election integrity too ….

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