3 thoughts on “Ebola Virus: Air ambulance company linked to CIA ops

  1. And the plot thickens…..That explains why they won’t show the plane and why CNN has an all exclusive on the schematics of it since CNN is owned and operated by the CIA.

  2. They could have brought both alleged Obola patients on the same flite as Phoenix Air has a Gulfstream III that will accommodate 2 gravely ill passengers. (http://phoenixair.com/docs/ambulance_g3_multi1.pdf.) It’s on their website. They can accommodate up to 4 patients on other configurations.

    What we don’t know is who was on the Brantly flite or where it originated. It was reported that it did stop in Bangor, ME, enroute to Atlanta. If it stopped in Bangor, where else might it have stopped with a range of 3500 miles?

    Nice that TPTB aren’t giving any medical bulletins now that he is here. TPTH/MSM went ballistic, fear-mongering about the lethality of a potential pandemic, then cite “privacy” issues. Privacy? After the diagnosis was made public and the whole western world has an apoplexy over it, medical updates are not covered by “privacy concerns”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brantly were dead already, as is Writeson, (if they weren’t put into witness protection programs).

    This is just another Sandy Hook soap opera.

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