Don’t Eat the Green Apples

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Many ‘green apples’ are being offered for your consumption. Do not eat the ‘green apple’ being disguised as Liberty! The most generally accepted definition says that liberty is the ability to act according to one’s own will. Socialists relate liberty to the equal distribution of wealth. Does individual liberty threaten ‘community’? Should we give up human freedom or freedom of association for the sake of the collective?

Once came into being the Communists were out in force to bring us into their camp. No way was that going to happen on my watch. The hopes of us spreading their warm and fuzzy propaganda were dashed. Instead of selling out to these New World Order chameleons, we would stand by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. For instance, at we have taught ‘jury nullification’ to food club members, promoted and brought in Sheriff Richard Mack to Wisconsin for educational talks, spearheaded fundraisers for the Hershberger family who suffered tremendous losses with that ‘mysterious’ fire just days before the trial, and we lead the populist resistance during the now famous Vernon Hershberger raw milk trial in Wisconsin.

Daily, people who visit, continue to awaken to the Communist code words such as ‘community’ and ‘food sovereignty’ that are being slung at them as politically correct speech in the foodie world. The idea that ‘community’ is the answer to your ‘food sovereignty’ is nothing but Marxism and pure Socialist indoctrination. These pacifist organizations will try to sell you honey but all you will get is stung in the end. Don’t Bee fooled.

Many of these pacifist individuals in the food choice arena absolutely detest traditional American patriotism and any sense of individual God given freedom. They are willing to comply and protest from their ‘free speech zones’, and are more than willing to be the good little slaves that get that stamp of approval from the powers that be, by begging the government for ‘permission’ to eat and drink foods that have been given to man for his nourishment since the beginning of Creation (see Genesis). Some are even going so far to disguise themselves as Libertarians, beware of these modern day Communists who continue to push their anti-American agenda under the guise of feeding the ‘community’.

Embrace Liberty. Reject those Communist ideals of ‘community’ and ‘food sovereignty’, most especially when they are disguised as liberty. Your education is the key to your freedom. If you find yourself in the presence of a food rights activist that abhors the fact that the Militia showed up in Bunkerville, Nevada to assist the Cliven Bundy family, take note that they are part of the problem of social engineering that has destroyed our American culture. Hatred will spew from these ‘activists’ when you stand up for the Second Amendment and Lawful Immigration. Only in a ‘community’ do they believe that you can have your freedom. What these ‘community’ activists hate more than anything is an educated resistance that can think for themselves. Wolves love sheep.

Arm yourselves with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Holy Bible. Watch and see if they are willing to go all out and take a stand for truth, the ultimate American truths, Christ and Constitution. If a certain group you support failed to take a stand with the Bundy family, beware of them, they are the wolves in sheeps clothing.

Do you love this nation, the land of the free and home of the brave? Are you willing to fight and die for your freedoms as our forefathers? Or are you to afraid to stand and fight? If you are too afraid to stand and fight then you should look at deprogramming as the remedy. Deprogram yourself from those thoughts of  ‘community’, ‘food sovereignty’, ‘going along to get along’, and replace them with the American ideals of individual liberty and God given rights.

Knowledge is power and the key to success when taking on out of control government agencies. Use the Constitution and your local Sheriff when standing up for your rights, the success rate is extremely higher than gathering together as a ‘community’ and throwing rainbows and unicorns at the tyrants. Look to Mark Baker and what he is doing. Next look at Cliven Bundy, when his ranch was surrounded by 11 sniper teams, took the lead and gave the Bundy’s press and then ‘We the People’, in the form of the Constitutional Well Regulated Organized Militia came to their rescue, without firing a shot. We, as Americans, have ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, don’t be a turncoat and be prejudiced against any of the ten, use them all when necessary. Our un-a-lien-able rights come only from God, and from God alone do we derive our Liberty. So if it is all a warm and fuzzy green on the outside, you can bet that it is Marxist red on the inside.

On the common ground of my forefathers I will stand!
The truth is marching on!
With Liberty and Justice for all!

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