Ed Dames Predicted Fukushima Dangers

Published on May 31, 2014 by RVProducts

Not only did Major Ed Dames Indisputably predicted the Fukushima disaster on LIVE television in Japan and on national radio in the USA, but he also stated back in 2013 on Coast to Coast AM that in spring of 2014, the truth about the real dangers of this event will begin leaking into the media. Major Ed Dames has been right on all accounts and this new video will shock and frighten you. These are things you need to be watching and could save your life down the road. This is still nothing compared to what else Ed Dames says is coming around the corner though. It’s time to get informed before it’s too late at www.LearnRV.com

3 thoughts on “Ed Dames Predicted Fukushima Dangers

  1. As a welder, I see the shitty construction of these tanks as a huge potential disaster waiting to happen. Should they break open into the Pacific then all was for not. The gulf stream would certainly carry the waste everywhere! How much water will be stored this way over the next 10,20 ,50 yrs?? I look at seafood in the store and I miss it so much, I’d like to carry Geiger counter into the seafood section of my local grocer soon!

  2. Don’t eat anything from the Ocean. The seafood is bio-accumulating the radiation up through the food chain as we speak!!

    Why in the he// is no one educating the public here in the U.S. of the dangers of Fukushima radiation bio-accumulation?
    . . .

    1. When we look back at all the toxic, radioactive pollution from Fukushima, the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, the leaking radioactive containers in New Mexico, the continued spraying of our skies with barium chemtrails, the Geo-engineered weather creating droughts and floods, the massive forest fires in the West, and the gas fracking industry’s destruction of ground water, brings me to one conclusion — none of these scenarios were accidents. They are all pre-planned events initiated for the purpose of controlled population reduction.

      However, Fukushima is the big perpetual killer. This is why I say that after the Fukushima disaster, there is really nothing else to fear… and this evolving catastrophe has just gotten started.

      Furthermore, Japan’s decision to hide the facts regarding the run-away dumping of contaminated radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, is no more diabolical than the Pharmaceutical Industry hiding the dangers of worthless, toxic vaccinations which are maiming and killing our children.

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