A judge checks on a marijuana sample during a judging session at Uruguay's second "Cannabis Cup" at a hotel in downtown MontevideoAll Voices – by rsa76

U.S. corporation Monsanto plans to launch production of genetically modified marijuana, and companies such as Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation are going to create our own brand, which will be produced under cannabis, information portal La Red 21.

Organization of Open Society Foundation is under the control of the shareholder Monsanto, billionaire George Soros. Company Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation, funded by Monsanto will be responsible for market development of transgenic seeds of marijuana, particularly in Uruguay.   Continue reading “Monsanto plans to patent genetically modified marijuana brand in Uruguay”

liftportAfter kicking around the idea of injecting radioactive waste into the Earth’s core, I wanted to go the other direction of safely transporting it to outer space. Another good topic for discussion.

Pacific Standard – by DAVID APPELL

We traveled to Seattle’s Museum of Flight for the annual International Space Elevator Consortium to meet the engineers and space hippies that are working hard to realize the dream of one self-taught Russian scientist.   Continue reading “Building an Elevator to Space”

Permanent Rad Waste Solutions

The newest solution, sending the waste to the center of the earth, is the one solution combining safety, economy and permanence to nuclear waste disposal. At first glance, this seems impossible. There has never been a hole drilled in the earth’s crust, so how can one be drilled to the center of the earth? The answer? Let the earth itself do the work through known subduction faults.   Continue reading “New Solution to Nuclear Waste Disposal”


Frost glistens on the meadow grass. The sun has yet to crest Church Creek Divide, and on his last day in the cabin, Jack English isn’t about to break from routine. He swings his legs out of the bunk.

“Good morning,” he says quietly to Mary. Her ashes are in a small box on the narrow shelf at the head of the bed.

She’s been gone 12 years. He takes her wherever he goes, but in this far-away valley they shared and in this home they built, he feels closest to her.   Continue reading “At 94, he must let go of his piece of paradise”