Efforts underway to help asylum seekers in NYC find jobs

Renewed efforts are underway to assist asylum seekers coming to New York City. As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reports, that includes helping them find jobs.

2 thoughts on “Efforts underway to help asylum seekers in NYC find jobs

  1. If they always have the means to help out, then they certainly must have The Lion’s Share of all that can be had (or taken). Gee, wonder how they came by such wealth. Now they give some back to charity, and in this particular case of charity, it’s treason.

    Martist, I’m sure you’ll recognize some names.


  2. Asylum seekers? That’s what they are calling these illegal invaders now? More like insane asylum seekers.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the Americans living in Jew York City are all homeless but who cares about helping them find a job, right?


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