Electric Vehicles Are Exploding From Water Damage After Hurricane Ian, Florida Official Warns


A top Florida state official warned Thursday that firefighters have battled a number of fires caused by electric vehicle (EV) batteries waterlogged from Hurricane Ian, Fox News reports. EV batteries that have been waterlogged in the wake of the hurricane are at risk of corrosion, which could lead to unexpected fires, according to Jimmy Patronis, the state’s top financial officer and fire marshal.

“There’s a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start,” Patronis tweeted Thursday. “That’s a new challenge that our firefighters haven’t faced before. At least on this kind of scale. It takes special training and understanding of EVs to ensure these fires are put out quickly and safely,” he continued in a follow-up tweet. “Thanks to [North Collier Fire Rescue] for their hard work.”

Patronis published a video of firefighters in Naples, Florida, battling a fire started from a Tesla EV’s battery. A bystander is overheard in the video saying that the crew had used hundreds of gallons of water attempting to put the fire out.


5 thoughts on “Electric Vehicles Are Exploding From Water Damage After Hurricane Ian, Florida Official Warns

  1. Related: Rivian recalls nearly ALL of its 13,000 electric vehicles over loose fastener that may cause drivers to lose control at the wheel: Truck maker has issued three recalls this year alone:


    And they still say that in a few short years we’ll all have to drive electrical vehicles. This, while the grid is already stretched thin, and while what they manufacture is proving to be very dangerous.


  2. So if they get bumped they burst into torrential flames so fast the passengers usually can’t get out live the 2 I’ll fated late car reviewers from a auto magazine, they burst into flames just sitting & will also burst into flames if the get water logged…but it’s not about the environment or air pollution or anything else it’s about removing your ability to escape from the smart city the UN agenda claims all people must live in under their 2030 agenda. California is modeling what will be done to everyone else with the “must buy a EV, now not allowed to charge EV. ” It’s about removing the freedom to leave a bad situation & remain trapped in their mega city. I’m reminded of Judge Dredd & Escape from New York.

  3. and they want you to park these electric torches in your garage , while you sleep … more population control

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