Email to vets urging violence against legislators now under investigation by Capitol Police

Is this a plan by the communists to try to get vets to start something?

Published on Feb 6, 2014 by 7NEWS

An email sent to a soldier in Colorado is now under investigation by Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. Marshall Zelinger has more on the threat.

4 thoughts on “Email to vets urging violence against legislators now under investigation by Capitol Police

  1. This is a government op. If they succeed and something happens, they will use the “event” to attempt to disarm combat vets.

  2. Bulldog, Don’t you mean TRY to disarm vets? The .gov minions and other a holes will not stop messing with folks until they are afraid to go to work, true enuff, but this has all the marks of a false flag… It will take many more false flags until they get the reply they THINK they want.

    Fortunately, most Patriots have sense enough to engage on our terms rather than theirs. There are lots other ways to make the minions stay home and watch their demise live on CNN.

  3. Oh brother (shaking my head), another pathetic false flag event. They must be really desperate or really bored.

    Do they honestly expect veterans, let alone even We the People to fall for this garbage? What a joke. Of course what do you expect from Communist News Network. Why are they still on air after being caught half a dozen times rigging their own reporting ON AIR!??

    The only way this news organization is still in business is because they are controlled by the elite. If they weren’t, they would have been off the air decades ago.

    I mean they practically show their own false flag outtakes on air, for cryin’ out loud and we are supposed to believe them and they still expect us to believe them. They’re pathetic.

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