Americans Have Been Targeted for Elimination

depopulationThe Common Sense Show – by Dave Hodges

A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon Magazine  

To my mind controlled friends, I temporarily interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to inform you that America is now entering into martial law. In order to receive this information, you must temporarily suspend all other previous programming whether it be from CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC or any of the other 98% of media outlets controlled by only five corporations.

You have allowed your media to make you ignorant, passive, unable to engage in critical thinking and blind to the fact that you have been made a slave to the state, controlled by the mega banks, who have hijacked your government. Soon you will awaken to a life where every choice, every action and even every belief has been predetermined for you. Soon you will come to realize that that your neighbor was correct when he tried to tell you that if you let the illegitimate government come and take your guns, it would not be long until they would come and take you. We are witnessing the first stage of the total destruction of the United States.

The Russians Understand America Better Than Most Americans

guncontrol10Recently, a Russian blogger wrote the following about the history of his own country, with regard to the Red Revolution, in an attempt to get Americans to realize that we should never give up our guns under any circumstances.

“Moscow fell, for example, not from a lack of weapons to defend it, but from the lying guile of the Reds. Ten thousand Reds took Moscow and were opposed only by some few hundreds of officer cadets and their instructors. Even then the battle was fierce and losses high. However, in the city alone, at that time, lived over 30,000 military officers (both active and retired), all with their own issued weapons and ammunition, plus tens of thousands of other citizens who were armed. The Soviets promised to leave them all alone if they did not intervene. They did not and for that were asked afterwards to come register themselves and their weapons: where they were promptly shot.”

If we ever allow Obama and Feinstein to get any kind of a foothold on the elimination of private gun ownership, we won’t being going off of some imaginary fiscal cliff, we will be jumping headfirst into the abyss of “national suicide by gun control.”  History has spoken America, are you going to listen? Even the Russian communists are warning us not to give up our guns.

What is the Crown Jewel In the Banker Subjugation Movement?

The criminal Obama Administration does not dare act against the American people until they get enough of our guns and subsequently to render us defenseless. Their determination speaks to disarm the citizens speaks to their fear of the American people. If we give up our guns, the American people will sacrifice any leverage that they now enjoy over this criminal administration.

What’s been described here could be categorized as the chest pains before the heart attack. As an American citizen, you have one duty and only one duty and that is to obey the United States Constitution. As an American citizen, you have a duty to resist all foreign and domestic enemies of the Republic, whether they be foreign or domestic. The Obama Administration is an illegitimate government which is controlled by the five megabanks who have hijacked this government. Oh, you do not think that is true? Then tell me how, when we as a country, are supposedly plunging off of the fiscal cliff and we are stihope you dont get detainedll giving new bail outs to Goldman Sachs? These criminals violate the Constitution every time they read one of your emails, illegally listen to your phone calls, financially bail out criminal organizations like Goldman Sachs or abduct American citizens under the NDAA.

The Hijackers of the American Government
Have Declared War on You

The day that Congress passed the NDAA and Obama signed it into law, this illegitimate government declared war on the American people. If you have been living in a fog, the NDAA allows the government tosecretly arrest and even murder you.  You don’t believe it, click here, right now. No, do not read the next sentence until you have clicked and read this link, or this link. Do I now have you attention? Are you listening to me? Still not convinced? Watch this brief interview with Obama as he lies and says that he does not want to use this against Americans even though his lawyers fought in court for the right to indefinitely detain Americans under the NDAA without following due process of law.

The America you thought you were living in is gone. In past articles, I have covered how it is legal to steal your bank accounts. I have covered on my talk show how the banks can steal your home even when the payments are current. I have also covered how this pseudo government, which, again, has been fully hijacked by the bankers, has complete control over you because they have complete control over the elected officials.

I know that some of you find that difficult to believe, but ask yourself, how can Diane Feinstein accumulate $200 million in personal assets, while engaged in insider trading, while she has never held a job outside of government? The fact is, she cannot gather that much wealth without being bought off? Your entire Congress is bought off. Every four years, you receive a Judas kiss on the cheek while these “representatives” continue to aid and abet the bankers in separating you from your money and your civil liberties.

America, you are now living in an occupied country. As an American, you are now either a de facto prisoner of war or you are a resistance fighter, there is no longer any middle ground.

amber lyonAmericans were dragged into this fight in 1913 at the inception of the Federal Reserve. The last century of our history has largely been about people who know nothing of what’s going on, or think that CNN tells the truth or that your vote really matters, you are prisoners of war. You will be like the Jews who bowed and curtsied to their Nazi executors before taking a bullet in the back of the head. If you are one of those, I cannot help you. However, if you are willing to make a stand against this criminal government’s attempts to disarm the people, I will stand with you becauseresistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

If you give up your gun, you become a prisoner of war, and very soon, you will become a statistic in the growing number of people who will have fallen victim to their criminal governments after surrendering their guns.

Three Little Questions

Has anyone ever bother to ask this illegitimate government the following questions?

1. Why did you get TruTV to ban replays of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory’s airing of the FEMA Camp report?

2. Why was the MIAC report written by DHS?

3. Why does Obama continue to use false flag events as a pre-text to seize our guns?

A Niemöller ’Ode To Our Future, Courtesy of the NDAA

First they came for the returning veteran and
I did not speak out because I was not a veteran

Then they came for the Constitutionalists, but
I did not speak out because I did not follow politics

Then they came for the popular talk show hosts, but
I did not speak out because I did not listen to talk radio

Then they came for the Libertarians and the former Ron Paul supporters and
I did not speak out because I was not a Libertarian supporter of Ron Paul

Then they came for the gun owners and
I remained silent because I was not a gun owner

Then they came for the pro-lifers but
I did not speak out because I did not have a child

Then they came for the internet and
I tried to speak out but nobody could hear me because the rest of the non-internet media was owned by the “they’s”

Then they came for me, but
the pastor of my 501(c)3 church belonged to DHS’ Clergy Response Team
and was afraid to speak out

Then they came for you and there was nobody left to speak

It is time to make a line in the sand and stand up to these criminal bankers who have captured our government through an economic coup d’état. And now these same bankers are installing a technocratic dictatorship in which most of us will be obsolete.

 I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming,

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6 thoughts on “Americans Have Been Targeted for Elimination

  1. Target the Billionaires first, then largest of the multimillionaires, this would clean the mess up in a hurry. These are the people behind all of this garbage. Start with Ted Turner and use him to sharpen the wood chipper blades.

  2. “America, you are now living in an occupied country. As an American, you are now either a de facto prisoner of war or you are a resistance fighter, there is no longer any middle ground.”

    please read this and reread this. Let this sink in, this is one of his best articles he has written. You are either gonna lay down and let them rape you or you are going to stand up and fight these b***tards. Time is getting short, these evil powers know that their time is short, and I have a feeling they will step up their game, we in turn need to step up our game. We need to be loud and heard, WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU. If they come for you fight with every ounce of your soul. Just remember do not be afraid of the one that can kill the flesh, but the one that can kill your soul. BE NOT AFRAID, stand, and stand tall!!!

  3. Yes, they can start with themselves first. And then we will use their stolen trillions to clean the planet up and feed everyone. There is plenty of room for everyone if the massive amounts of money being spent on war, spying and personal hordes of the criminals is spent on better things.

  4. Yep. If you aren’t part of this 1% crew then everyone else is expendable. My guess is they need to bring all these illegals in because they need to screw more people over to see the rest of their cronies reach the 1% level. They already screwed the American people over so much they need to look elsewhere. Like I said. Crazy country. I see Jesse Ventura moved to Mexico. But why runaway and not stand up and fight.

  5. No matter what comes down, I still think the scum will lose their ass when it’s over….and unfortunately, so will millions of innocent Americans…..It will be hell on earth, but I’m an optimist and I think they are in for something they didn’t expect. I’m not talking crap, I feel this…..just my opinion.

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