Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can’t be processed, ‘nightmare scenario’ coming in January

ObamacareNatural News – by Mike Adams

Obamacare is going to crash and burn from technical issues more than political concerns, it seems. You’ve probably already heard that virtually no one can sign up using the online Obamacare exchanges. The web forms are broken. The code is buggy. The data integration is a jaw-dropping failure.

This is why, all over the country and across the media, no one can seem to locate anyone who has successfully signed up through Healthcare.gov. Even the one person the Obama administration rolled out as a “success case” turns out to be completely staged and fabricated.  

But there’s even more shocking news about Obamacare that could utterly destroy any credibility the system might have remaining: Of those applications who somehow make it through the broken online sign-up system, 99% can’t be processed and will fail.

99% can’t be processed

According to insurance industry insiders who spoke to CNBC, 99 out of 100 applications don’t contain enough information to result in enrollment.

“…federal officials could face a situation in January in which relatively large numbers of people believe they have coverage starting that month, but whose enrollment applications are have not been processed,” reports CNBC.

“We’re getting incomplete data,” says one source from the insurance industry who goes on to describe the data as “corrupted.”

That’s fitting, of course, as the entire Obama administration is also corrupted. And incompetent. The Obamacare socialism dream turns out to be one big job-destroying frag fest that deceived Americans on every level. Although called the Affordable Care Act, it isn’t “affordable,” the system doesn’t CARE about you, and even when you want it, it’s almost impossible to get the online applications to ACT properly.

Healthcare.gov tricks people into thinking they’re enrolled

The problem is that the Healthcare.gov website doesn’t ask users for sufficient information needed to process their enrollment. The website, in other words, is a joke. It’s a public relations facade. Even when people think they’ve signed up, the system doesn’t have enough information about them to actually complete the enrollment.

So between now and January, even those people who somehow make it through the broken Healthcare.gov website and think they have enrolled will find themselves without any health insurance when January rolls around. Somehow, federal workers are going to have to contact these individuals one at a time and ask them for additional information to process their enrollment.

That process, of course, is fraught with nightmarish scenarios of failure and incompetence. Why? For starters, because the masses of government workers needed to carry out such a follow-up program have never been hired! And that’s because no one anticipated the Obamacare online exchanges would be such a nightmare of technical incompetence in the first place.

Secondly, even if you could hire all these people in the next few weeks, the simple fact of the matter is that support-level people who work for the federal government tend to be people who are really just there for the paycheck and who don’t actually give a crap about whether they are effective in their jobs. This is going to be worse than DMV workers. It’s going to be an office full of extremely unhealthy, over-paid, under-educated, “I-don’t-give-a-s#@t!” workers whose only real mission is to log enough hours to collect a paycheck, not to actually solve problems with Obamacare enrollment. Think TSA workers sitting behind computers all day long…

Obamacare is the ultimate vaporware

More and more people are now realizing that Obamacare is D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival). Most Americans don’t want it and most employers absolutely despise it. Even the few Americans who are interested in the program can’t seem to sign up because the websites are broken (and will remain broken for months). Of those who somehow do manage to complete the enrollment process, 99% will NOT actually be enrolled due to a lack of required information.

This is headed for an absolute P.R. disaster for the Obama administration, which has so far been running on nothing but lies and vapor. Obamacare is, in fact, the ultimate “vaporware” because it makes promises the software simply can’t deliver.

No wonder the Republicans are trying to delay it or defund it. The public cry for precisely such action is only going to gain strength from here forward, especially as January rolls around and potentially millions of people who think they have health insurance suddenly find out they have none whatsoever (even though they signed up and were told they had enrolled).

This is going to create a nightmare scenario with doctors and hospitals, where Obamacare enrollees show up demanding health care services but they don’t actually have insurance. This mess is going to be dumped right in the laps of medical clinics and hospitals, both of which are already suffocating under a tar pit of health insurance paperwork. Add to that a failed, incompetent system of non-coverage courtesy of the Affordable Care Act, and you get a system infested with so many critical failures that it just can’t function.

That’s where Obamacare is headed: An epic fail at every level. Obamacare will long be remembered as the perfect example of what can go wrong when irrational Big Government worshippers shove complex socialist programs down everyone’s throats. It also shows the danger of taking an industry which should be based on a free market and instead trying to force it into a Soviet-style centralized command system run by a corrupt, incompetent government dominated by tyrants and fools.

Defund Obamacare now!


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042376_Obamacare_epic_fail_Healthcaregov.html#ixzz2h22USnph

5 thoughts on “Epic fail: 99% of Obamacare applications can’t be processed, ‘nightmare scenario’ coming in January

  1. Who the hell would even attempt to sign up for this blatant theft/ripoff?!? The premiums are unaffordable and the deductibles are ludicrous! In the end everyone on these plans will still end up paying their own medical bills while the government reaps in tons of profit from the insane premiums. Oh, and let’s not forget that they will be able to kill off most of the population by having absolute control over what kind of treatment anyone gets. I am honestly shocked that the American people did not storm the Supreme Court and hang every one of the bastards who said such an insurrection was “Constitutional”. What is it going to take?!?

  2. I think it is interesting that it is the drug companies that stand to gain from Obamacare. And the world’s largest producer of generic drugs, TEVA Pharmaceuticals is an Israeli-based company. And when Obamacare was first introduced, before it was passed, John Kerry, who sat on the Senate Finance Committee’s sub-committee on Health, purchased $750,000 worth of TEVA stock in one month. Then, after Obamacare passed, TEVA stock went up 25%, giving Kerry a nice profit. He still owns stock in the company. And Ezekiel Emanuel, who did his internship and residency at Beth Israel Hospital, was one of Obama’s health care advisors. It’s hard to believe that Obamacare was ever anything more than a money making scam for certain special interests. Let ’em fail.

    1. More corruption from the garage door shaped face, John Kerry. This SOB learned from the Clintons how to screw the American people quite well.

  3. Let me just come right out and say this: what “the law” says does not matter. If the IRS wants your assets (even if you DO HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE), they will send thugs to get them. In a very short time this country will live in utter lawlessness. Thugs dressed up as cops. Thugs dressed up as IRS agents. Thugs dressed up as military or whatever. These will try and get whatever it is they want, and will arrest you if you try to defend yourself. How? By putting a bag over your head and carting you off somewhere. Murdering yous spouse and kids, mutilating your pets, whatever.

    It is going to be very very difficult for us to not become thugs ourselves after we see what these psychos do. The hard part won’t be to do something about all this. The hard will be to do it righteously!

  4. “‘……nightmare scenario’ coming in January.”


    The Fed’s 100 year charter expires in December. I’m expecting a “nightmare scenario” related to that. (if WWlll hasn’t kicked off before then, that is)

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