Spite House: Amber Alerts Shut Off, Let’s Move Still Up and Running

Breitbart – by ELIZABETH SHELD

The official Amber Alert page is www.amberalert.gov.

The Amber Alert is a national program that alerts the public when a child has been abducted.  The Department of Justice broadcasts specific information about missing children so the public can be on the look out for the child and/or the abductor.   

If you type www.amberalert.gov in your browser, you will find that the website redirects to an error message stating that the government shutdown has stopped the program. I am not linking it here because it redirects to an error message.

If you try and visit letsmove.gov, Michelle Obama’s healthy child/exercise initiative, no such redirect takes place.


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2 thoughts on “Spite House: Amber Alerts Shut Off, Let’s Move Still Up and Running

  1. Obama, like the folks on Lake Mead, needs to be kicked out of The White House until this is all over.
    And I, personally, hope that this illigitmate government stays shut-down forever.
    Screw the Republicans, Screw the Democrats, Screw Obama.
    But guess what? It’s ONLY “WE, The People” who get screwed by these kids playing politics.

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