Every Country Has Two ”Armies”. The Guys Who March Around In Uniform and the Guys Who Know What The Real Job Is.

Before It’s News

What is Reality?” That’s the basic philosophical question from which come all the other questions like “Why is the government so concerned with spying on its citizens?”

Are we a nation of traitors?

What are they afraid of?  

It’s beyond question that the NSA’s warrantless search and seizure of confidential material is reviled around the world not only for the embarrassment of its spying on American citizens, but for spying on citizens – and rulers – of other countries.

And of course, getting caught.

So it can do it. And does.  But it’s still criminal. Privacy is a right under the U.S. Constituton.

The real reason for the embarrassment and growing distrust of the U.S. government in the rest of the west – and east – is that this government knows that it is a criminal government locked into a centuries-old system of usury, theft by foreclosure and greed more pervasive than at any other time in history.

And it wants to keep the power it has…

So the NSA is part of the ‘other’ army.

Universal Intelligence does not exist.

Watch this one, good people…. Tom Dennen


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