Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty?

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This article is one of my most important articles. Read it like your life depends on it because when SHTF, you will be ready. This article will focus more on the Americans, so if you don’t live in the United States of America, don’t feel bad or offended. In this article, I will also reveal information that relates to the rest of the world, so don’t think that I’m excluding the rest of the people of the world. I’m only directing this article towards Americans because it is almost July 4th. Plus, it has been more than a decade since 9/11 and yet most Americans still have no clue as to what really happened on that tragic day. SMH.  

I was planning to write this freedom and liberty article on July 3rd and publish it on July 4th. However, after stumbling upon a YouTube video about Tila Tequila exposing the Illuminati, I felt a strong urge coming from deep down inside my soul to write this article to remind the people of the world, especially Americans about the importance of freedom and liberty, and why we need to stop being so lazy and start taking actions.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about why the rest of the world is standing up against tyranny and is waking up to the fact that the real terrorists are hiding inside the United States and Europe, and why we as Americans aren’t doing shit about it. WTF happened to the principles of freedom and liberty that made the USA so great. Are we still the “land of the free and the brave?” Or are we the “land of the greed and theslave?” As Americans, we have been brainwashed and dumbed down so bad that we don’t even realize what the United States is anymore.

The next paragraphs in block quotation will show you evidence that we have been manipulated, brainwashed, and deceived by the system of the Controllers (Elites), the leaders of the New World Order (NWO). These paragraphs are extracted from one of my articles titled United States Political and Court System Exposed: How the NWO Enslaves Society.

What is the United States?

Most Americans and foreigners believe that the United States is a country. In canon law terms, the phrase “United States” refers to a corporation. The original name of this country is called the United States of America. By taking out the phrase “of America,” they have tricked most of us to believe that United States is the same as United States of America.

One important thing you should know is that the United States is under the control of admiralty law and canon law, and thus when the phrase United States is written in all caps (UNITED STATES), it is referring to a corporation and not a country. Since the United States is under the rule of canon law, it is controlled by the leaders of the Vatican. Another important thing you should know is that the original USA is a republic, not a democracy.

As described at TheCapitalist.NewsVine.com.

The word “democracy” doesn’t appear in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, the two most basic of our founding documents. However, Article IV, Section 4, guarantees “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” It’s also noteworthy that our pledge of allegiance doesn’t say, “the democracy for which it stands,” but rather says, “the republic for which it stands”. Nor do we sing “The Battle Hymn of the Democracy,” but rather, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

… A democracy favors the majority and therefore the majority always wins, even if it isn’t morally right. Just because the majority agrees on something doesn’t make it morally right. On the other hand, a country built on republic principles favors the minority. For this reason, it does a better job of protecting individual rights. Most of us don’t understand the difference between a democracy and a republic, which is why it is easy for the NWO to enslave us under their democratic government and corrupt court system.

The United States is a corporation run by its board of directors (Congress) and CEO (the President)

From the perspective of the justice system, the phrase “United States” refers to a corporation that resides in Washington DC. The acronym DC stands for “District of Columbia,” which is a district that is controlled by the Vatican. The Vatican is heavily affiliated with the Crown of England. In other words, Americans haven’t truly freed themselves from the control of the Crown.

The Crown and the Vatican are also heavily affiliated with certain secret societies or secretive groups, such as the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, the Skull & Bones, the Nazi and the Zionist. Together they are known as the NWO. The good news is that not everyone in these organizations supports the dark agendas of the NWO.

Washington DC isn’t really a part of the USA. Instead, it is a “country” within the USA, just like Vatican City is a sovereign country within Italy. The Vatican is located in Rome. It makes its own laws and often doesn’t follow the laws of Italy. When you hear people say “all roads lead to Rome,” there is some truth to this concept.

Most of our politicians are bought off by wealthy banking elites who are affiliated with the NWO and the Vatican. In other words, the Vatican controls a lot of the Western countries and some Eastern countries, including the United States Inc. This is why when the leaders of the US and UK and certain Western officials visit the Pope, they kiss the ring of the Pope. Most people think this is just a tradition or to show respect. However, according to Jordan Maxwell, kissing the ring of the Pope means that the person acknowledges that s/he is a servant of the Pope. In other words, many of our officials serve the Pope while at the same time pretending to serve us.

Did you know that most Western presidents are involved in secret societies?

Most Westerners’ top-level officials (e.g., kings, queens, presidents, religious leaders, prime ministers, high ranking military officers) are involved in secret societies or affiliated with them. Did you know that George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers, was a Freemason? If you want proof of this, visit theGeorge Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Or you can read this informative article.

Most, if not all, the Founding Fathers of the USA were involved in secret societies but they were the “good guys” of secret societies. The Founding Fathers had good intentions and wanted the people of the USA to have freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, we allowed the “bad guys” of secret societies to infiltrate our government and they have turned our government against us …

A “citizen” of the United States is a slave and a product of the United States Incorporated

When I hear people say that they love living in the United States because they are free, I pretend to smile so that they think I agree with them and then shake my head after I walk away. Any country that is controlled by the Crown and the Vatican isn’t a free country. We may have more freedom than some country, but the fact is that some third world countries are more free than we are. Do you need proof that you are a slave? One way to prove this is to look at your birth certificate.

In the US, birth certificates aren’t really birth certificates but are securities that are traded in the stock market. In other words, your US birth certificate is like a bond that is used to represent you as a “product” of the United States Incorporated. The people who “own” your birth certificate makes millions of dollars by selling and trading it in the stock market. To these people you are a product, which is even worse than a slave. Now, that is messed up!

The US government agency that is responsible for turning your birth certificate into a security is the Depository Trust Company (DTC). The DTC securitizes your birth certificate by giving it a cusip number and then selling it to the Federal Reserve (Fed). The Fed then uses your birth certificate as collateral for the US national debt. Through this deception, the US federal government can legally claim you as their property and everything that you produce is technically theirs until you claim your rights and learn how to fight the system. Since you now have a general idea of what it truly means to be a citizen of the United States Inc., do you still think that you live in a free country?

Contrary to what we have been told, the United States isn’t run by Congress and the President. Most of the politicians working in Congress and the President of the United States are controlled by their puppet masters, which are the officials of the Vatican and the leaders of the NWO.

How the Controllers (Elites) use celebrities and the mainstream media to manipulate and deceive us

Besides corrupting the United States political and justice system, the Controllers and their secret societies also took over the media system of the United States. They then used the mainstream media to brainwash us into accepting their views of how we should behave and act. This is why most of us are so obsessed with the Hollywood lifestyles and have forgotten how to live in harmony with mother nature. The Controllers have also used these controlling techniques to brainwash people in other countries, especially Westerners.

Furthermore, the Controllers have conditioned us to live in a state of fear and to only focus on what we want. When we focus too much on what we want and don’t care about others, we eventually create a society full of self-centered people. This is exactly what the Controllers want. A self-centered society will always have problems with racism and discrimination, which eventually leads to other conflicts, such as wars. It is the Controllers’ way of dividing us so that they can conquer us. These Elites are very cunning and are masters at social engineering cultural and religious movements.

One of the Controllers’ favorite ways to manipulate and brainwash us is through the use of celebrities. They know that we look up to celebrities and many of us see them as idols; therefore, the Controllers know that celebrities are very effective tools to use for manipulating our mind and making us behave the way that they want us to behave. Fortunately for us, some celebrities are brave enough to risk their life to expose the dark agendas of the New World Order (NWO). Micheal Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Whitney Houston, and Aaliyah Haughton were some of the few celebrities who were brave enough to expose the NWO. Unfortunately, we were too blind to see their warnings and they were killed by the NWO. Nowadays, there are more celebrities trying to break their ties with the NWO. Tila Tequila, Eminem, and Britney Spears are three of them and many more will follow.

Whenever celebrities try to expose the dark agendas of the NWO, the Controllers will try to use their mainstream media to manipulate the public into thinking that these celebrities are going through a serious mental breakdown. They can achieve this by showing videos in the mainstream news or publishing false articles portraying these celebrities as drug addicts, criminals, etc. By doing this, they can make people think that these celebrities are crazy or suicidal. The Controllers own most mainstream media outlets and therefore they can pretty much broadcast anything they want.

The hidden agenda behind this type of propaganda is to set rebellious celebrities up for jail time or even assignation. They know it isn’t smart to kill these celebrities without a cause, because it can be traced back to them. This is why they spend months and even years plotting events that will eventually lead to the arrest or assignation of these celebrities. By doing this, they can say that these celebrities die from suicide or are arrested because of criminal charges. Michael Jackson is the greatest example of a celebrity that the Controllers murdered after spending years of plotting his assignation. Since you know now how the Controllers’ “magic tricks” work, next time you watch some bad news about a celebrity, don’t believe everything you see and hear.

Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson Part 3

Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson Part 4

Rest in peace Michael Jackson. Your death won’t be in vain. May all the other celebrities who stood up for freedom and liberty, and died from exposing the NWO rest in peace too.

How the Controllers and their secret societies use religion to brainwash people into accepting spiritual slavery

The Controllers understand that religion is the best tool to use for controlling the hearts and minds of the people. As a result, they and their secret societies have been working very hard for millennia to infiltrate most religions throughout the world. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the New Age are just a few examples of the religions that they have deeply infiltrated. For this reason, these religions are tools that the Controllers use to spiritually enslave us. This doesn’t mean there is no truth in these religious systems. Modern religions do have a lot of truth, but they also contain many distorted information and lies. This is why it is wise to question religions instead of following them blindly.

Here is a short excerpt from one of my articles that does a great job of explaining the NWO’s latest religion.

The New Age is the NWO’s latest spiritual system that they are using to manipulate us into accepting a one world religion along with their one world government. I know some New Age supporters may get mad at me for writing this article, but the infiltration of the New Age needs to be discussed, so that we do not become victims of the Controllers’ version of spiritual enlightenment. There is a lot of truth and enlightening information in the New Age. However, there is also a lot of disinformation and misleading information.

One of the Controllers’ favorite techniques to deceive New Age followers is to trick them into thinking that problems can be solved by heavily concentrating on love and light. If it were that easy, we would have freed ourselves from this Earth drama a long time ago. If we live in a perfect world, thinking love and light would work. However, we live in a heavily polarized reality that is very dense and low in vibration. These features make it hard for us to utilize the true power of thought and therefore our thoughts have a hard time manifesting energy into material things. However, when we combine our thoughts, the thought manifestation process strengthens exponentially, but it is still not enough to stop the dark agendas of the NWO. A better technique is to combine positive thoughts with affirmative actions.

To strengthen the above technique even more, we need to spread knowledge of empowerment that is effective at increasing awareness. Having a strong awareness is important for winning the Earth drama, because our awareness can be our salvation. The leaders of the NWO are amazing “magicians,” because they are masters of deception. They like to use actors, camera tricks and the media to deceive us.

When magicians do magic tricks, they can fool us into believing that they are playing with magic. Once they tell us how their tricks are done or once we figure out how they work, they cannot fool us anymore due to the fact that we know their secrets. In other words, we have become aware of how their tricks are achieved. This is why our awareness can be our salvation. The reason why the Controllers want us to concentrate on only love and light is to prevent us from becoming aware of the techniques they have been using to destroy our health and control our mind.

Another way the Controllers enslave us is by conditioning us to become left or right brain imbalance. The left hemisphere of the brain is considered the masculine side that deals with analytical thought, logic, science, and math. On the other hand, the right hemisphere of the brain is the feminine side that deals with holistic thought, creativity, compassion, and spiritual awareness. This explains why most males have strong math and science skills, while most females are more intuitive.

One of the main reasons why the Controllers want to manipulate us to be left or right brain dominance is because it creates separation and prevents us from uniting our thoughts. When we are left brain dominance, we generally rely too much on science and logic. This can cause us to become very skeptical and atheistic. As a result, we often lack holistic understanding, spiritual awareness, creativity, and intuitive skills. Being left brain dominance can cause us to have an overactive reptilian brain, the part of our brain that deals with survival instincts. When our reptilian brain is too overactive, it often causes us to suppress emotions, leading to malicious behaviors. In extreme cases, people who are chronic left brain dominance are often psychopaths and they are very obsessed with power and control.

As for right brain imbalance, it causes us to rely too much on faith and makes it hard for us to want to take personal responsibility and action for change. Right brain imbalance often causes us to have a slave or victim mentality, and it can also make us very naive, making it easy for the Controllers to enslave us. Extremely religious people who don’t want to take personal responsibility for their spiritual growth and actions, because they think that their God or messiah is going to save them, are great examples of having an extreme right brain imbalance disorder. New agers who believe that positive and wishful thinking, and meditation will save them from the Controllers are also great examples of this psychological disorder.

To prevent these left and right brain psychological disorders from manifesting into our life, we need to educate ourselves about how the left and right brain work and take actions to balance them. We also need to meditate in a constructive kind of way, so that we can balance the energy of our left and right brain.

WTF happened to the principles of freedom and liberty in the United States?

I’m 32 years old and have lived in the Unites States for nearly 30 years, and during these three decades I have witnessed the destruction of our Constitution, freedom, and liberty with little resistance from most of the American people. Most Americans are so brainwashed and afraid of their government that they would rather live as a slave than stand up for their natural rights. WTF happened to the American spirit that made this country so great. Are we still the “land of the free and the brave?” Or are we the “land of the greed and theslave?” One of the main reasons why we have lost a lot of the principles of freedom and liberty is due to the fact that we have become ignorant and arrogant, and we lack the courage to defend our natural rights, causing us to take freedom and liberty for granted.

This July 4th should be a reminder that every human beings is by nature free, equal, and sovereign, and that no one, including the Controllers, has the right to take away our freedom and liberty. So, when July 4th is here and you are watching fireworks exploding in the sky, remember that you aren’t living in a free country, especially if your country is controlled by the Vatican and the NWO. You are only free when you take personal responsibility for your actions and stand up for your natural human rights.

To take back our freedom and liberty, we need to understand our natural rights by studying Natural Law. We also need to take actions for change instead of wishful thinking our way to spiritual freedom. If we don’t take real actions for change, the Controllers will keep on sacrificing and raping children behind our backs, and destroying our freedom and liberty until we are stripped of everything.

The Controllers and their NWO aren’t as powerful as many people may think. They are only powerful because we the people of the world ignore them, allowing them to secretly infiltrate our government without our knowledge. One of the first steps to defeating them is to become aware of their agendas and understand how they think. Another step is to understand Natural Law, because it contains the Spiritual Laws that govern our Universe.

Here are some videos to help you on your quest to study and understand Natural Law, so that you can achieve spiritual freedom.

Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar / Natural Law the REAL Law of Attraction 1 of 3

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Roman Canon Law vs. Natural Law: Frank O’Collins Interview


8 thoughts on “Exposing the New World Order Before the July 4th Weekend: WTF Happened to the Principles of Freedom and Liberty?

  1. While the author freely uses terms “Vatican” “NWO” not one “Jew” “Jewish” “Israel” or even “Rothchild”

    Huge FAIL

    1. Yep, I agree on that. I think the author is in the Alex Jones people category of knowledge and only knows half of what is going on.

  2. “Did you know that George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers, was a Freemason?……….Most, if not all, the Founding Fathers of the USA were involved in secret societies but they were the “good guys” of secret societies. The Founding Fathers had good intentions and wanted the people of the USA to have freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, we allowed the “bad guys” of secret societies to infiltrate our government and they have turned our government against us …”

    While I agree that Washington was a Freemason and that there is a statue showing him in a Satanic posture in DC, I’m still weary on the whole “good guys/bad guys” or “light vs darkness” idea of the Secret Society thing.

    I’m going to go with the line from the movie, “The Skulls”:

    “If it’s a secret, it can’t be good”.

    This whole idea that there are good and bad Freemasons just sounds like childish bullshit or excuses to me. George Washington may have been a good guy and believed in what America REALLY stood for, but why was he in a secret society and why the statue of him in that Satanic posture? Yea I know the statue was made later and that the Illuminati may have wanted to make him look dark and evil, but still……something just doesn’t jive right with me on all of this. It’s one of those mysteries that I think we need to figure out if we are going to restore our country again. We need to have a country free of secret societies, free of control and free of these elitists, Zionists and Communist bastards.

    Happy 4th of July and I pray that some people still know that it means more than fireworks and that we did NOT win our Independence from China.

  3. “WTF happened to the American spirit that made this country so great.”

    Television happened.

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