Extinction Rebellion Protesters Climb On Top of Underground London Train

VOA News

Oct 17, 2019

Extinction Rebellion climate protesters climbed on top of a train in east London during rush hour, Thursday, October 17.

One of the activists was dragged down from the top of the train and onto the ground as angry commuters surrounded him. A train station staff member attempted to stop the commuters from clashing with the protester.

More than 1,400 Extinction Rebellion protesters have been arrested in London in the past week. Most have been released without being charged. (AP)

4 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion Protesters Climb On Top of Underground London Train

  1. The guy doing a video (seen on Daily Mail) clearly has an upper class Brit accent, and one of the protesters is some Buddhist doofus (an academic, meaning he likely also has an upper class accent)…meanwhile, they pull this crap on WORKING CLASS Londoners (East Enders…I’ve been there…Whitechapel, Stepney, Hackney) trying to prevent the “little people” who actually work for a living and support their families from going to work…folks who likely don’t even own cars! And these (wannabe) celebrity hypocrites (backed by real celebrity hypocrites like jet-flying Leo DiCaprio) are trying to keep poor folks trying to feed their families from doing so? So they are trying to EXTINCT people? I do not despise rich hypocrite celebrities…but I DO DESPISE THEIR RIDICULOUS HYPOCRISY!

  2. If these morons truly believe those lies about climate change, then they’re obviously far too stupid to survive the coming sh#tstorm.

    Major gene pool cleansing comes to mind.

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