Facebook Bans American Trucker ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ Page With 139,000 Followers

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Facebook shut down the rapidly-growing Facebook page “Convoy to DC 2022” on Tuesday night after the group amassed 139,000 followers.

They made another group which will probably be shut down in 24 hours.

Joseph Camp on Gab got screenshots of the page shortly before it was shut down.

The group said they were organizing an American convoy modeled after the Canadian one to demand an end to vaccine mandates and covid restrictions in America.

Organizers said their protests would be “100 percent legal” and “abide by the law.”

Information Liberation

2 thoughts on “Facebook Bans American Trucker ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ Page With 139,000 Followers

  1. Interesting how the original convoy that started in Alberta as Canada Unity, got hijacked by the Free Masons. They are now leading it under the name, “Freedom Convoy 2022.” The leader is Jewish. Their logo has the 666 hidden in plain sight. It is growing huge on facebook! Canada Unity was pushed into the background. After the Canada Unity page was REMOVED, (its leader is Christian.) The “Freedom Convoy 2022” took over on fb. Like Henry says, “I will eat my hat” if they remove their page any time soon.

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