Facebook’s Zuckerberg to push immigration reform

Huffington Post – by Erica Werner

WASHINGTON — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is forming a new issues advocacy group to promote immigration reform, education and other policies aimed at growing the economy.

Two people familiar with the discussions confirmed the effort, speaking on condition of anonymity because it has not yet been publicly announced.  

Zuckerberg will be joining with other high-tech executives and has already signed up several high-profile consultants, including Joe Lockhart, former Clinton White House press secretary now at the Glover Park Group, and Rob Jesmer, formerly executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

High-tech companies have stepped-up their lobbying on immigration to get more visas for high-tech workers, but the people involved say Zuckerberg’s interest is broader and includes citizenship for those here illegally.

The move was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.


5 thoughts on “Facebook’s Zuckerberg to push immigration reform

  1. Flooding America with subservient, uneducated, people with no roots or background in FREEDOM. Dilute and poison the well of FREEDOM.

  2. The term “immigration reform” is a clever term that serves to conceal the agenda of removing the borders to allow as many millions of dependent parasites, thieves & creeps here as possible.
    It’s merely a soothing phrase used by Jews like Zuckerberg to appease the clueless among us who aren’t aware that there is as mall minority that dram of destroying this nation with the influx of a hundred million who have never maintained a democracy, let alone a republic.

  3. Yep, he makes billions off of Americans….and now he will help lower their standard of living, by bringing in more and more cheap labor. Traitor.

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