Fake accounts on Twitter impersonating Jews

Published on Aug 21, 2019

Twitter has recently seen a proliferation of fake accounts impersonating Jews. The accounts were created by white supremacists – and they use disinformation and the fake accounts to spread antisemitism. It is a terrifying development in the spreading of hate.

4 thoughts on “Fake accounts on Twitter impersonating Jews

  1. Not so tough to figure out who started the accounts, it’s not the white supremacists either.

    8chan had shills posting the same goofy jew hate all the time. The consensus was they were intentionally creating a false narrative to remove the Qresearch board. The shooting BS worked so well they were able to de-platform 8chan in it’s entirety. Is the same tactic being used on 4chan now; 4chan was comped a few years ago,,,controlled opposition. That is why 8chan was created

  2. Wahhh!! Waaaah!!!! The Jews can say mean things to everyone but they can’t take someone being mean to them. Waaahhh!!!!

  3. “…accounts were created by white supremacists…to spread anti-semitism…spreading of hate.”

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah! The only “white supremacists” I know anything about, the only “anti-semitics” I know anything about, the only spreaders of hate I know anything about are JEWISH SUPREMACISTS, TALMUDIC JEWS descended from KHAZARS not Semites who HATE JESUS CHRIST, Christians (yes even Zionist ones), and gentiles in general. The true “Master Race”–Talmudic, Kabbalah, Supremacist JEWS! Who by the way are mostly white…. “HIDE”-ING BEHIND THEIR “NOA”….BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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