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I find a lot of humor in the panic being displayed by the Zionist tools commonly referred to as “world leaders.” They’ve invented a new threat to world stability, not just to start another profitable war, but because they’re losing their grip on the minds of the masses who have seen through the endless lies of the Zionist media.

“Fake news” is the new enemy, which they claim is being propagated by the Russians, with the help of any website that publishes the truth rather than their twisted version of reality. 

It’s funny because if the mainstream, or Zionist-owned media simply told the truth, the independent, or alternative news wouldn’t even exist. The independent news grew out of necessity, as patriotic Americans came to understand how we were all being lied to, and how these lies were guiding us down the path of destruction. The only chance of salvation existed in the dissemination of truth, so they set out on the thankless, and arduous task of trying to open the eyes of 300 million people.

The independent news only gains readers when people realize that their favorite TV “news” anchor is shoveling dung, and every other TV channel presents the face of another lying human, who’s repeating the same lies. If they open a newspaper they’ll see the identical lies in printed form, and the same underlying themes are reinforced by movies, and TV dramas or sit-coms.

Mass media is a brainwashing machine, and all of academia drums the same lies into the heads of students, who were duped into paying for an education, and instead only received a thorough indoctrination into the globalist agenda. That’s why the college kids are flying off the handle right now. Their twisted perception of reality clashes with what’s actually happening in the world around them, and to make matters worse, they thought they were being enlightened as the wool was being pulled further over their eyes.

Many web sites are discussing this now, but none of them are asking the obvious question, which is “who owns the news?” What do all these sources of erroneous information have in common that enables all of them to tell the same lie?

Some compromised sources are making a lame excuse involving the NY Times printing something, and other news sources parroting their lies, but that lie doesn’t explain how all of them can tell the same lie at the same time, as we’ve already seen them do many times.

The answer goes back to ownership, but too many people are loath to make the politically incorrect observation that all news sources (and all school curricula) are controlled by Zionists, all of whom promote their “New World Order”, scheme to gather all of humanity that they don’t choose to exterminate under the rule of a few international bankers. This by the way, isn’t anyone’s “conspiracy theory”, but instead it’s been announced in their own speeches and writings, and displayed by their actions.

You were taught to be “politically correct” so you’d learn to avoid saying anything controversial, or anything that might offend someone, and also to make you guilty of “racism” if you didn’t welcome foreign invaders into your country with open arms.

You were terrorized with fears of “global warming” so you’d allow government regulations to regulate you into primitive living conditions, all in the name of “saving the planet”. It’s too bad that you never bothered to notice that the proponents of the “global warming” myth happen to be the same people who are helping to destroy the planet by allowing strip mining, deforestation, chemtrails, oil spills, and nuclear radiation leaks to go unchecked.

You were taught that racism is the ultimate sin, and this allowed anyone who objected to their country being invaded by foreigners to be identified as evil by having the label applied to them. This is because dissolving international borders is crucial to a global government.

And that’s only the beginning. The fact of the matter is that all of your political opinions need to be re-examined for their merit, because much of what we’ve been taught to believe has been a collection of lies designed to facilitate the schemes of those who would kill us all.

Again, I find the whole situation laughable because their desperation is becoming obvious. Global warming, the war on terror, the Soros-funded riots, the Black Lives Matter fools, the orchestrated invasions of “refugees” that threaten national sovereignty, and the whole fraudulent “election” process are all being exposed for the frauds they are, and the best excuse the propagandists could come up with for this is a Russian plot to undermine western civilization with “fake news”. Next week they may tell us that the only defense against this Russian fake news attack is to wear tin foil hats.

It’s not a question of real news or fake news; there is only truth and lies, and the truth can be proven. It’s that simple, but it does require that you do a little thinking, without someone else telling you how.
— Jolly Roger

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”
— John   8:32

12 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. Jolly Roger please write more articles, well thought out and poignant; maybe you and the ‘funny farmer’ could share ideas?

    A thought…what is to be set free? The beast and whore tell us it is to submit to them so that we become 2-fold the child of hell they are.

  2. Amen
    Brother and please keep writing and be safe
    And I hope it’s ok that I call you my brother JR

  3. “It’s not a question of real news or fake news; there is only truth and lies”………


    “The answer goes back to ownership, but too many people are loath to make the politically incorrect observation that all news sources (and all school curricula) are controlled by Zionists”………


  4. That was absolutely on the money. The part about yhese globalist zionists admitting openly their schemes is a fact I tried pointing out many times to people who labelled me conspiracy theorist.

  5. “Mass media is a brainwashing machine,…”

    That would be the television.

    MSM would be the mud they throw in it in lieu of detergent.

    “… there is only truth and lies, and the truth can be proven.”


    The commie jewb#tches wrote that one, not me.

  6. Spot on Sir. Try explaining this to family and most will look at you like you have two heads. I have changed some minds recently.

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