Congressional Hawks Rush To Intensify War In Syria (No Fly-Zone)

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WEB Notes: There is currently a bill sitting with the US Senate that would provide yet more intervention in Syria. Here is a summary of this bill.

“H.R. 5732 requires the Departments of State and the Treasury to impose sanctions on people and entities responsible for the security and humanitarian crisis in Syria. The bill also authorizes the Department of State to assist entities that are investigating war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria, and requires reports to Congress on the implementation of the Act, ongoing assistance programs for the Syrian people, and the feasibility of establishing a no-fly zone over Syria. Sanctions authority would expire on December 31, 2021, and sanctions can be suspended if the parties are engaged in meaningful negotiations and the violence against civilians has ceased.”

This bill has passed the house. It still needs to pass the Senate and then be signed by the President before becoming law. It is interesting what they mean by “the feasibility of establishing a no-fly zone over Syria”. They no doubt figured that out long ago with the various think tanks. At this stage it would seem the only action left would be to act and institute a no fly zone in Syria.

Late in the day Tuesday November 15, Congress convened in special session. With normal rules suspended, they passed House Resolution 5732 the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act”. The resolution calls for intensifying already harsh sanctions on Syria, assessing implementation of No Fly Zone in Syria and escalating efforts to press criminal charges against Syrian officials. HR5732 claims to promote a negotiated settlement in Syria but, as analyzed by Friends Committee for National Legislation, imposes preconditions which would actually make that more difficult.

There was 40 minutes of “debate” with six representatives (Royce, Engel, Ros-Lehtinen, Kildee, Smith, and Curbelo) speaking in favor of the resolution. There were few other Congressional representatives present in Congress. The House Foreign Affairs Committee stated that the resolution was passed “unanimously” without mentioning the special conditions.

Source: Congressional Hawks Rush to Intensify War in Syria | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

World Events and the Bible

5 thoughts on “Congressional Hawks Rush To Intensify War In Syria (No Fly-Zone)

  1. They figure they have to get the USA Inc. into a hot shooting war to try and avoid a CIVIL WAR that is brewing under the surface. The stupid jerks don’t understand is that millions of Americans see what is going on, who is behind the puppets as well as the puppets and are looking straight at them.

    I think the American population has figured out who the real enemy is and who to go fight.

    Those thrice damned fools!!!!!

  2. “… escalating efforts to press criminal charges against Syrian officials.”

    While doing everything possible to KEEP from pressing criminal charges against officials (HITLERY, FOR ONE) in THIS country?


    1. yep…you’re right. It’s NOT justifiable, but it is profitable.

      I think criminal charges are just another weapon of war.

  3. If Trump had any balls he would tell those asshole reps. that when he takes office every fn one of them would be tried for treason…I for one am sick and tired, as are many Americans of: Executive Orders, 6 assholes passing a bill at midnight or when everyone is on vacation, or signing bills that have not been released to the public or if these morons have not read them…everyone of them should be imprisoned for passing all the bills against the Constitution and Bill of Rights…no acceptions…Grand Jury and trials for all of them! They are all treasonous bastards, every swinging richard with no acceptions! These men know that Americans are wise to their evil.

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