Family Guy: More Bombings To Come?

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I have taken the liberty to republish this email that I have just received in its’ entirety. I have embedded part of the Family Guy episode, Turban Cowboy, showing the ‘event’ alluded to in this email down below. I certainly hope and pray that the thoughts shared in this email are wrong; heck, this is all based upon an adult comic TV show and a crazy ‘conspiracy’. However, if we’re paying attention, we’ve already seen this play out before… (One more thought, if the pic above isn’t the definition of a ‘Turban Cowboy’, I don’t know what is!)  

By Alexander Backman

I now have in my possession the entire Family Guy episode in question where the Boston Marathon Explosions are clearly depicted in precise detail and in concordance with the terrorist attack on the 15th of April.

Download the full  episode here:
(Editor’s Note: Link removed due to copyright complaint….hmmmm….)

The episode shows more attacks coming. The specific target is the Quahog Bridge in Massachusetts 7 days after the 15th. That gives a date, April 22 and a time.  The time mentioned in the episode is 4PM where a van full with explosives is detonated on the bridge by Peter at the closing of the show after a policeman mentions that 30 terrorists had been apprehended. That is when Peter, the Family Guy, dials with his mobile phone and Boom, the entire bridge goes down in a massive explosion.

By the looks of the bridge, it does not look like the Quahog bridge at all. It looks more like another bigger bridge. Any ideas?

The writers o Family Guy and the creator of it should be arrested. They are triggering sleeper cells right now with these FOX episodes. They should be tried for conspiracy to commit murder and activating terrorist cells. Be it this is a government-sponsored event or a radical extremist attack, it still shows us that they know and knew before the explosions. The idea that these events were broadcast subliminally on FOX one week before the Boston Bombing indicates foreknowledge. Plain and simple, the Family Guy people knew.

Here is another video where the bridge is blown to bits

If anyone needs the full episode, they can download via P2P torrent here:

(Editor’s note: Please google ‘Pirate Bay’, Family Guy and Turban Cowboy to find the link to this full episode. Link removed due to complaint. Hmmmm…)

More here:


2 thoughts on “Family Guy: More Bombings To Come?

    These guys look like Israeli mossad military on a mission against the GOYIM. If arrested they will be immediately released by special order of the communist controllers.

    Remember the dancing Israelis after 911, arrested and mysteriously released as though they never existed?

    Guess some brown skinned Iranian students will be found by a special SWAT team, killed without any trial, many pressure cookers will be found and the false flag is put in place. Jew TV will have a hysteria hate fest against the un axis of evil and America will be drawn into another Jew love war in time for the planned economic collapse to distract attention away from the communist private central banks while they steal all homes from the stupid GOYIM unable to repay their debt.

    There will be no debt forgiveness coming from the communists. What is yours is theirs as they are the chosen, the entitled to all wealth on earth.

  2. Hi all. Listen, I dont like to put webmasters down, and I know this website uses WRH as an outlet to get views, and I do like this website. But mike rivero is very naive and not in touch with what is happening. . Not going to bore ya with details, I plan to make a video of facts I have collected. I wont bring this up again, I just had to get it out. Rivero is not to be trusted. Thanks for your patience with me.

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