Father blames government ‘idiots’ as California town mourns killings

Yahoo News – by Dana Feldman

SANTA BARBARA, California (Reuters) – With a California town grieving the deaths of six college students killed by a mentally ill man, one victim’s father on Monday blamed the killings on politicians who failed to tighten gun laws after a mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher Michael-Martinez, 20, was gunned down on Friday night in Isla Vista, California, said similar rampages would continue until lawmakers took action on guns.  

“We’re all proud to be Americans. But what kind of message does it send to the world when we have such a rudderless bunch of idiots in government?” Martinez said on CNN.

“I can’t tell you how angry I am. It’s just awful, and no parent should have to go through this.”

Elliot Rodger, 22, the son of a Hollywood director, fatally stabbed three people in his apartment before shooting three people dead near the University of California at Santa Barbara.

He then shot himself. All of those killed were students at the school.

Michael-Martinez, described by his father as articulate and tough, was shot inside a deli. He was the last in the killing spree to die.

Martinez said his son died because Congress had failed to act after a mentally ill gunman killed 26 people in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“These people are getting rich sitting in Congress. And what do they do? They don’t take care of our kids,” he said.

Legislation after Sandy Hook to extend background checks for gun sales, ban assault weapons and limit magazines’ capacities failed to clear the Senate in April 2013. Gun-rights advocates strongly opposed the measures.


The University of California at Santa Barbara, which is headed into its final exams, canceled classes on Tuesday for a day of mourning and reflection. It scheduled a memorial service for Tuesday afternoon.

“On Tuesday we will remember and honor the victims of this horrible event, and come together as an academic community to reflect, talk with each other, and think about the future,” Chancellor Henry Yang and interim Executive Vice Chancellor Joel Michaelsen said in a statement on the school’s website.

The university also has set up counseling services and emergency housing for displaced students.

About 200 people attended a memorial service late on Sunday at St. Mark’s University Parish, pausing in front of poster boards dedicated to three of the dead, Veronika Weiss, Katie Cooper and Michael-Martinez.

Rodger killed two women and four men, aged 19 to 22, and wounded 13 people, including eight whom he shot as he sped through town in his black BMW, exchanging fire with police, authorities said.

Minutes before opening fire, Rodger emailed his plans to some 30 people, including his mother, father and former teachers, said Cathleen Bloeser, whose son was a childhood friend of the shooter and received a copy.

Rodger stated his intention to kill his housemates, lure others to his home to continue the mayhem, slaughter women in a sorority and bring his spree to the streets of Isla Vista.

Family friend Simon Astaire told Reuters that Rodger’s mother, Chin, received a phone call on the night of the shooting from his therapist alerting her to the manifesto. She called police and her ex-husband, Peter Rodger, and the two raced to Isla Vista, Astaire said.

Chin heard radio reports about the shootings as she drove.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said that Rodger was seen by a variety of healthcare professionals and it was “very, very apparent he was severely mentally disturbed.”

Brown said his department had been in contact with Rodger three times. They included a welfare check at the request of his family in which deputies found him to be polite and courteous and not appearing to meet criteria for involuntarily incarceration.

Astaire said Rodger had seen therapists off and on since he was 9.

The Los Angeles Times published portions of Rodger’s roughly 140-page manifesto in which he detailed his fear that police would foil his plot when they visited him last month.

“I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do, and reported me for it,” Rodger wrote.

(Additional reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis, Eric Kelsey and Dan Whitcomb in Los Angeles, Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee, Jim Loney in Washington and Casey Sullivan in New York; Writing by Cynthia Johnston, Ian Simpson and Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Chris Michaud, John Stonestreet and Dan Grebler)


16 thoughts on “Father blames government ‘idiots’ as California town mourns killings

  1. Even if I didn’t believe this was a major hoax, and this was a random senseless killing by a psychotic teenager with blue balls, I would still tell his dad that taking away my rights won’t bring back his dead son. If he is so distraught and cannot go on with his life, he is free to go join his lost son in the afterlife. Hell, he can even kill himself without the use of a gun!

  2. Step right up. No need to crowd, ringside seating for EVERYONE!


    Does anyone really believe this f%&king sh#t.

    1. #1, I hate to tell you this, but yes, most everyone believes this
      is real. Can you believe this!!!

      Most of the commentaries I am seeing around are reading like this was a real shooting, not the false flag (and not a good one) that is really was.

      Amazing, isn’t it!! All I had to see was the so-called father’s little
      rant and could tell immediately it was such a fake.

      But most of the people I have tried to talk to through the years still believe that 911 was “real”. Pitiful.

      1. Bought a used copy of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space” not long ago.

        Classic horror schlock.

  3. this seems like bs to me.. on another website (will try to find the link again) I saw a article showing this guy “Richard Martinez” next to a pic that was taking from the Boston bombing.. and looks like the same exact guy that was at boston pushing a man on a wheelchair after the attack..

    and also look up who is the president of the university of Cali.. former DHS head.. Janet Napolitano !!

  4. ASSUMING this happened as reported, the father blames the NRA and gov idiots for the shooting. I wonder who he’d blame for the 3 stabbing deaths Rodger allegedly did.

  5. How many kids that age drive BMW’s?

    The spoiled brat’s old man needs to blame himself. The kid was from a rich, dysfunctional family whose parents probably never told him “NO” when he needed it. Instead, they sent him to some pricey shrink… refusing to accept their MORAL responsibilities as parents.

    Then there is the issue of free will.

    Yes, I know sometimes kids who have good parents go bad, but in this case there is little evidence they made any effort to raise him correctly, teaching him manly virtues. He should have been been taught the truth about premarital sex instead of the lies he apparently believed…

    That being said, the whole MO smells like another anti-gun false flag.

    They just never give up, do they?

  6. Oh, please! Where are the photos of the alleged victims? Who got stabbed in virgin-boyz apartment? Right. Why does the press show photos of a couple unidentifiable guys hugging the floor allegedly taken from a security camera in a convenience store where virgin boy allegedly entered and shot people, but never shows evidence of him entering the store with or without a gun?

    I know why.

    According to psychometric scientists only two percent of adult Americans are biologically capable of intelligent thought.

    After the upcoming population adjustment that percentage will increase signficantly.

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