FBI Announces “Enhanced” Firearm Background Checks For Young Adults To Start Next Week

Zero Hedge – by Gun Owners of America

The FBI, through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has announced that a mandatory wait period for 18–20-year-old legal adults, as enacted by the gun control known as Cornyn-Murphy or the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, will go into effect November 14, 2022. 

Gun Owners of America reported on this issue in October 2022, when the FBI launched their Enhanced Background Checks for 18–20-year-olds in the state of Maine.

Those under the age of 21 will receive an initial delay that could last about two weeks. This delay is supposedly to allow the FBI to contact local law enforcement and check with state databases to enhance the background check system’s effectiveness. This is nothing but a way to make it more difficult for young adults to own firearms. It’s a mandatory wait period that anti-gunners have now added to a background check system that is broken well beyond repair.

Parents might not want their children to receive mental healthcare as minors, if it might create an administrative record resulting in the loss or delay of their child’s constitutional rights when they turn 18. Those 17 and under who hunt, play shooting sports, or who wish to own firearms for self-defense as adults may choose to avoid essential mental healthcare in order to retain their right to own and operate firearms. If someone under 18 wants to legally buy a hunting shotgun or a target rifle on their 18th birthday, they may use the consequences of the law as an excuse to not get the mental health care they need.

The “enhanced background check” is in fact a mandatory delay or wait period on the purchasing of a firearm for those under 21 years old. Mandatory waiting periods put Americans’ constitutional rights on hold when they may be in the middle of a dangerous situation, whether that be a threat from someone they know, a dangerous period of rioting and looting, or any number of scenarios. Further, allowing local law enforcement tips and hearsay to result in the denial of a constitutional right would truly constitute an arbitrary and unconstitutional gun ban.

The “enhanced background checks” will include “checks with state databases and local law enforcement.” Since Congress admits that such an enhancement is truly necessary for one category of adults, then will they soon find themselves answering why these delays and “enhancements” do not apply to all other law-abiding people? Further, allowing local law enforcement tips and hearsay to result in the denial of a constitutional right will truly constitute an arbitrary and unconstitutional gun ban.

For an example on how firearm purchase delays can be deadly, look no further than the case of Carol Browne of New Jersey. Carol Browne was stabbed to death by a former boyfriend. She had applied for a permit to purchase a pistol on April 21st, 2015, and was murdered on June 3rd, 43 days later, still waiting for approval. New Jersey State law requires that a Firearms Purchaser ID card be issued within 30 days, but often the wait is much longer. Carol’s killer didn’t need a gun, but Carol sure did. And she could still be alive today if arrogant officials had not denied her the right to protect herself.



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