FEC Drops a Bomb: ‘There Was in Fact Fraud That Took Place’

Neon Nettle – by Jay Greenberg

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman Trey Trainor has dropped a bomb by revealing that evidence has emerged that proves that fraud “took place” during the presidential race.

During a new interview with Just the News AM,” Trainor said that affidavits from the Trump campaign show that voter fraud did, in fact, occur during the November general election. 

“The massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” Trainor said Friday.

He argued that it’s important to have transparency surrounding the election process.

Answering questions raised by the Trump campaign over election integrity is “very important for the legitimacy of the presidency,” he insisted.

Trainor specifically highlighted a sworn affidavit by Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College.

Miller—who specializes in analytic number theory and sabermetrics—flagged nearly 100,000 ballots in Pennsylvania for potential voter fraud after analyzing election data and phone interviews, according to The Epoch Times.

Between 89,397 to 98,801 ballots were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted, he said.

Trainor said that Miller is clearly qualified as an expert witness in almost any court in the United States and that the court would have to look at the information he has provided.

The Trump campaign’s lead attorney Rudy Giuliani and independent lawyer Sidney Powell are leading the legal battle over the process of the November election.

They outlined their evidence of alleged election fraud and abnormalities during a press conference last Thursday.

During the presser, which Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis described as an “opening statement,” the Trump legal team said there are a great number of affidavits in support of their allegations.

“We have, in the Michigan case, 220 affidavits. They are not all public, but eight of them are,” Giuliani said.

Various governmental officials at state and local levels have confirmed reports of voter fraud.

Allegations include Republican poll watchers being blocked from poll sites, votes being cast in the name of dead persons, and election rules being changed by judges or officials bypassing the state legislature institutions, among others.

According to federal law, a person who knowingly makes a false statement in a sworn affidavit could be charged with perjury, to face up to five years in prison and/or fines.

It’s unclear how many affidavits the Trump team will present to the court, as most of the sworn affidavits have yet to be made public.

According to Powell’s remarks during an interview with Fox Business on Friday, there’re at least two areas that the Trump legal team is working on.

“I’m focusing more on the technology and the fraud, and he [Giuliani] is working [on] the individual witnesses, on that side of things,” she said.

Neon Nettle

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