Federal officer shot, in critical condition, suspect dead outside federal building in West Village

This is our main Post Office. Also, the location of our Regional VA Office and DAV. Lots of choppers and sirens here in the West Village.

PIX 11

WEST VILLAGE, Manhattan — A federal officer has been shot and is in critical condition while a suspect is dead outside a federal building located at 201 Varick Street.

Federal police and NYPD are on the scene of a shooting outside a federal building located at the corner of Houston and Varick Street.  

Preliminary reports say shots were exchanged between officers and the suspect outside the building that includes the Varick Street Immigration Court and post office.

NYPD says the suspect shot himself in the head and EMS confirms the suspect is dead at the scene.

The officer was in cardiac arrest, reportedly in critical condition, taken to Lennox Hill Healthplex. Sources tell PIX11 the officer shot is a “contract” employee security guard.

The cause of the incident is still unclear. NYPD will hold a briefing shortly.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


35 thoughts on “Federal officer shot, in critical condition, suspect dead outside federal building in West Village

    1. I was hearing/seeing the choppers hovering overhead and hearing all the sirens racing in from different directions. Too close comfort. Knew something was up.

    1. “The suspect then pulled out a gun and shot the security guard in the head, officials said.”


      Execution of a commie ICM enforcer, who would have STOLEN his firearm, and had him ILLEGALLY IMPRISONED.

      This, however, smacks of MK ULTRA…

      “The suspect then walked through the metal detectors toward the elevator and approached another employee, O’Neill said. The suspect then shot himself in the head, O’Neill said.”

      Hate it when they do that.

    2. O.K., my bullsh#t meter just went through the roof on this one…

      “The horrific scene unfolded about 5 p.m. when Kevin Downing, a realtor from Fort Lee, N.J. stepped into the W. Houston St. entrance of the Varick St. federal building armed with two .38 caliber revolvers, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the shooting said.”

      IF he went there with the express intent of shooting just ONE person, then himself, WHAT THE HELL DID HE NEED TWO FREAKIN’ GUNS FOR?????

  1. What the F%#k is with that video? It stops and changes the channel on you and goes to a different story.

    Screw it. Keep your goddamn video. Can’t look at anything without a Kike sticking an advertisement in your face anyway. I don’t need anything from PIX11. Whomever died, I’m glad they’re dead, and I’m sorry they didn’t shoot up the PIX11 HQ before they went.

  2. Background info. on Kevin Downing –
    Here are are couple of Petitions on his behalf (as a whistleblower). Not sure how long these will be up online, given current events. Don’t know how to inbed the info. (By the way, sirens are going CRAZY right now. Been quiet for several hours, but it’s bad now. Don’t know what’s up, yet)

    Looks like by the time I typed the above message and went back to copy this link it got removed. What a surprise.

    1. One of the things I hated most about L.A. – constant sirens at all hours.

      Rare here by comparison, but occasionally.

      1. “He also expresses support for liberal politicians Elizabeth Warren and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.”


        Sounds like his body just caught up to his brain.

        1. Also listed under “Liberal views”:
          “Last year, he posted a link to a petition against the Koch brother’s influence in American politics.”

        2. It is so fortunate that we find a pig with a bullit wound to the leg. He deserved one “between the eyes”. You know those “deranged veterans”!

          1. I didn’t see the term “deranged” until the fourth link Angel posted.

            Didn’t take ’em long to get around to it.

          2. #1
            When I first read that he was a veteran, I knew they would jump on the “deranaged”agenda. Just wait. We’ll be seeing a big push for madated/forced psych. evaluations (on a scheduled weekly/monthly basis) and disarming veterans.

          3. @ #1
            Of course.
            That’s taken for granted. The SSRI’s are part of the Psych. treatment.

  3. Sounds like a normal response. In this day and age, one can imagine about anything. I’m not deciding either way.

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