Federal raid uncovers dozens of guns and still in ‘medicine man’s’ bunker

Charlotte Observer – by Michael Gordon

A Kings Mountain “medicine man” faces federal firearms and tax-evasion charges after an FBI raid on his home uncovered an underground bunker containing dozens of weapons, drugs, large supplies of food and water, suspected materials for an explosive device – and a still.

Six years ago, Reuben DeHaan filed papers in Cleveland County renouncing his U.S. citizenship and challenging government authority, even as he built a murky business marketing “natural healing” services and remedies that earned gross receipts of more than $2.7 million during a recent six-year period.  

Kings Mountain “medicine man” Reuben DeHaan is jailed on federal firearms and tax charges. The FBI says it found an underground bunker at his home filled with weapons, bomb-making materials, thousands in cash and dozens of weapons and ammunitionTuesday, the self-styled member of a Native American healers group was in federal court, jailed Thursday in Mecklenburg County after federal agents searched the premises at 103 Police Club Drive.

According to recently unsealed documents in a joint FBI/Internal Revenue Service investigation, by far the most interesting items were found underground – in a multi-room bunker beneath DeHaan’s front yard. There, agents said they discovered about 70 weapons, including high-powered rifles, silencers, scopes and ammunition. Another 10 firearms were found in the house and vehicles on the property.

A “significant amount” of food and beverages was stored in the rooms, ceilings and walls of the underground structure, and agents say they also came across a couple of 2,000-gallon water tanks, documents say.

There was also this: “various components that could be utilized to construct a destructive device” – including PVC piping, Tannerite, aluminum powder and 100 feet of fusing, documents say.

Kevin Tate, one of DeHaan’s court-appointed attorneys, declined comment Monday.

According to public records, DeHaan appears to have settled in Cleveland County in 2004 after leaving the Detroit area. Federal officials say the 43-year-old claims he is a minister of the Native American Church of Nemenhah, which describes itself as a inter-tribal convocation of medicine men and women, formed in 2002.

Church leaders describe the group as a “healing-based religion.” Steven Moore, senior attorney for the Native American Rights Fund, once described them as “sham artists.”

Following in the footsteps of the Moorish Nation and other “indigenous” groups, Nemenhah members have challenged government rules and regulations.

FBI and IRS affidavits say that in March 2010, DeHaan filed a no-trespassing document with the Cleveland County Register of Deeds giving notice to local officials that unwanted visitors to his property could be hit with a fine of $1 million dollars in silver coin.

Two months later, he filed another declaration renouncing his U.S. citizenship and any liability for the national debt. Several years later, he informed the city that he had deeded over his property to the Church of Nemenhah. In 2014, he reminded town officials that he was conducting religious services on the property and warned them to stay away.

The IRS says federal officials do not recognize Nemenhah and a tribe or a church and that the group has never applied for nonprofit status.

Federal tax officials also say DeHaan avoided paying taxes on millions of dollars of income by claiming that all his earnings had come from religious donations. He has not filed a voluntary federal tax return for himself or his company since 1997, according to the IRS affidavit.

DeHaan incorporated businesses in at least three other states and used some 10 Charlotte-area bank accounts to deposit and withdraw money from his business, documents say.

While he claimed his business was based on donations, court documents say DeHaan charged $145 for an initial health consultation and sold nutrients, internal cleansers, essential oils and other products – some of which DeHaan grew in his bunker.


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7 thoughts on “Federal raid uncovers dozens of guns and still in ‘medicine man’s’ bunker

  1. If he is using a bank, then his fictional STRAWMAN entity is still a beneficiary of the CORPORATION, and THAT is why the fiction is being charged in the ADMIRALTY system. I hope he doesn’t revert to identifying as the STRAWMAN in any “court” proceedings, or accept to being “re-presented” by an attournay (one who attourns, or turns property back over to it’s owner). This is why I always tell folks that you are either “All OUT” or you are considered “All IN”. You cannot straddle the fence and maintain your standing as Sovereign, accepting some benefits from the CORPORATION as Beneficiary of the “Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust” that is spelled the same as the one you recognize as your name, except it is written in ALL CAPS.
    There is a proper way to function in the pretend world, but it involves using trusts to act as representative of, and for the STRAWMAN fiction.

      1. The guy WAS armed, Koyote, and from the description was kitted out pretty well for TSHTF times. I suspect they raided his home in the early AM hours, as they are wont to do, and he may or may not be someone who has balls to fight back.

        The issues I brought up were regarding the sovereignty issues presented about the gentleman, (IF we can assume the info in the articles was correct) and how the CORP USA will assume they have their fictional authority if one is not COMPLETELY secure in the understanding of who one IS. The CORP entraps well-meaning but poorly informed patriots and others by appealing to the vestiges of the STRAWMAN Trust that a person might not have disassociated from. Having a bank account, driver’s license and Birth Cert., responding AS the STRAWMAN in court or before an enforcer or foreign agent, etc. These criminals still operate in Admiralty Commerce, and as agents of same DO operate by a code of rules – but one must deal with them properly in order to avoid being kidnapped and caged.
        Do I agree that the criminal bankers and their agents will not give up until their heads are removed…? Yes! And I pray the time for the restoration of our Republic under our Bill of Rights is soon, so there are still plenty of living men who understand freedom and will not lie down as slaves.


          1. Yep, and I hope you all have laid up a good supply of gloves for the disposal of the carcasses – there are going to be a LOT.

  2. “… used some 10 Charlotte-area bank accounts to deposit and withdraw money from his business, documents say.”


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