FEMA Documents PROVE Americans Will Be ROUNDED UP by Ethan Huff

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I’ll bet you NEVER even heard of the “Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium Organization” have you? Of course not, neither did I until now. It’s FEMA’s latest new creation to help enslave Americans when their opportunity comes.

In order to keep everyone “safe” against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is hoping to round up the “unvaccinated” and imprison them in concentration camps.

The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium Organization (RDPC), is a division of FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that was formed back in 2004, is currently developing a training program for “small, rural and tribal emergency responders or stakeholders” to perform emergency remediation in the event of a “crisis.”

As it just so happens, the Chinese Virus is a “crisis” with no end in sight that appears perfectly suited for the RDPC’s agenda, which targets rural Americans for “quarantine.” Rural America, as you may know, is mostly Republican, while the inner cities are mostly Democrat.

Using the cover of a “pandemic,” the goal of the RDPC is train people to become “emergency responders” to “save your fellow man.” Areas with fewer than 50,000 people and less than 1,000 people per square mile are the preferred demographic for this operation.

On the “Training” page of the RDPC website, the DHS division explains in section “MGT-433 Isolation & Quarantine for Rural Communities” that mass quarantines, aka concentration camps, are soon on the way for resisters who fail to abide by the government’s “recommendations” for “flattening the curve.” (In other words, people who refuse to take a genetically engineered bio weapon into their bodies.)

“The RDPC training was open to the public (I was able to personally view the training module. However, now that the training has commenced, it is closed; and now the slides are inaccessible.),” writes Steve Rotter.

“Luckily, I thought to take screenshots of a few of the slides while I was browsing the module … In the slide below there is disturbing wordage regarding mass quarantines and, basically, a strip [sic] of our rights concerning COVID-19.”

Official FEMA and RDPC Decals

As the unvaccinated are hauled off to Camp FEMA, emergency responders are to be “discreet” about it

The wording on the slide is peculiar, suggesting that “voluntary isolation and / or quarantine” will commence “when an individual is willing to enter into isolation and / or quarantine,” with an emphasis on the word willing. There won’t be any “willing” about it.

Those who agree to voluntarily get taken to a covid concentration camp are said to be less taxing on the government’s resources because a lower “enforcement level” is required. This would suggest that the unwilling will require coercion.

“Someone who is forced into quarantine requires an emergency responder of some sort to physically place them in quarantine,” Rotter explain. “Essentially, they will not have to pay someone to force you into quarantine if you voluntarily abide by their commands.”

Voluntarily being hauled off to a covid concentration camp also carries with it “less complicated legal, ethical, and human rights issues,” the RDPC adds.

As the “emergency responders” haul their victims off to the camps, the RDPC encourages them to be as discreet as possible in order to keep the ordeal as much under wraps as possible.

“It is an unfortunate situation that an illness or potential illness can cause a person or group or family to become stigmatized by the community,” the FEMA website explains.

“It is for this reason that responders addressing quarantined or isolated individuals do so discreetly, making every effort to maintain patient privacy.”

As you may recall from the Ebola scare, a New Jersey nurse returning from Sierra Leone was hauled off to a FEMA camp, even after she tested negative and showed no signs or symptoms of disease. Now, we are dealing with a much larger “pandemic” in which many, many people who resist the agenda are given a one-way trip to Camp FEMA.

The people that are still believing this giant psyop will be the first victims of the operation.

6 thoughts on “FEMA Documents PROVE Americans Will Be ROUNDED UP by Ethan Huff

  1. Come & Get Me Punk !! Please be sure to bring your Mossad Agents, UN Blue Hats, & some ChiKnees Communist friends to the Party with you. We will have a BANG UP GOOD TIME !!

  2. FEMA biting off way more then they can chew , bring it bitches .. this party is going to be a riot

  3. Its hard to round up a dead pile of sht. That is you will be dead upon arrival……. Make your move… just waiting.

  4. Now this is a bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahah moment! It doesn’t get more “rural” than far west Texas, and just who are they gonna “recruit” to round up….um….mountain lions…..? Because MS-13 won’t work out here, sorry….oh, and then there is the issue of GPS not working out here either…. Oh, and watch out for 600 pound feral hogs as well….

  5. When the WEF minions that are going to TRY to en FORCE this, it will just be a matter of finding out where they are assembling before they implement their dastardly deeds . Then, gather a small group of Patriots to perform some guerilla strikes randomly until the enemy gets scared and bails or are completely eliminated. Lather, rinse, repeat!

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