Fifty Years of Waiting, Hoping, and Pain

Merry Christmas!

A Christmas miracle has come to our family.   My daughter Laura found her mother, Judy.  She is 71 years old, a very loving woman who lives in New York State.  She also found a sister and a brother and their children.  Wait that is not all….. She found her first, second and third cousins and their families. Her family grew to about 20 new relatives.  Her mom is so excited, she said there was not a day she didn’t think of her and wonder where she was and was her family a good one.  

Her mom did not abandon her but was forced by her mother to give her up.  They were very poor and were struggling to survive without a bread winner in the family, and the sperm donor father wanted nothing to do with her mom once she was pregnant. Interesting enough he was a cop at the time.  No one knows anything more about him nor do they care.  Judy and her husband at the time were separated and in time he remarried and Judy did in time.

They are now in touch and Laura wrote to her and sent her lots of pictures. In time they will meet for now they are savoring the moments.

I, her adoptive mom, am very happy for her and the heart has no limits on how many you can take into it.

Merry Christmas all.

Grinning from ear to ear.  LOL

5 thoughts on “Fifty Years of Waiting, Hoping, and Pain

    1. I forgot to mention this was through a company 23 and Me I think but you send in for the testing kit and they research your DNA for everything. As others do a connection is made and they give the names for you to build on. Her line is 33,000 years on this planet. She is mostly european and it also brings out health issues one could have. There is so much information it is well worth it. With New York sealing all adoptive records this was the only way she had any chance of finding her bio family. She is now at peace.

      Its hard to understand how hard this is on adoptive children she knows I love her dearly and have done my best for her but that need to know is great in some people and I understand it.

      There is another thing one can do along with this. There is a place online you can upload your information and new connections are made. I do not not know the ID of the site but I can find out if anyone is interested.

      That is about all and by the way she learned of all this on Facebook so there is some good there not all bad.

      I made a mistake in my report it was Judy’s mom that was separated from her husband and that was why there was no breadwinner in the family.

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