44 thoughts on “Finally it’s been explained!

      1. Just kidding brother. Couldn’t resist. 🙂
        I can never figure what the purpose of that is other than to look gangsta. There is no way someone can fight with their damn pants around their knees.

        1. Jesse, who sent in the pictures, is my son. He knows where my goat is tied. 🙂
          I could not imagine what my dad would have said had he ever seen such a thing.

          1. hey my dad would have said. that kid needs to be taken behind the shed and educated. I cleaned that up a lot.

          2. When I was 16, I came home stoned out of my mind and had a freshly pierced left ear. (80s). My dad ripped it out of my ear. End of story.

          3. God rest his soul, yes I learned a lot about respect in my house. You don’t have to like it, you just to do it. 🙂

          4. If my dad saw me looking like that, he’d walk straight up to me, look me straight in the eyes, and shoot himself. Past anger, past disgust, straight to self incrimination, to make sure I knew why.

          5. Dad was a good man. Married mom at 16. Did the best he could. But when I screwed up he let me know. Builds character 🙂

          6. My dad was the best man I ever knew. Quiet, a unique humor, and deadly as a rattlesnake. I guess that’s what made the men who are stepping up to this fight. Our dads cared.

          7. My dad as well. Hillbilly as hell, like me, but wish he was here to stand with us. I know he would.

          8. Better than that, they are in our DNA, as are all of our grandfathers, back to the first grandfather. And we didn’t make it though endless time to today because we let people run over us.

          9. Amen Henry.

            Have you ever thought about a from the trenches town hall? Maybe on a Thursday or saturday. Hell, I would go buy a headset to talk on that. Just a thought .

          10. Aww geeze ! You guys are going to make me cry. (Not really, I’m too freakin’ tough) haha

            All of your memories of your dads, they are just like my husband, who learned his character from his dad, who passed away in 82. I miss having my husband around to keep the kids in line, especially my son, but he will be home soon enough to resume his roll. You taught Jesse well Henry, and he has an awesome sense of humor!

          11. Bulldog @ 5:36 pm,
            At this point, my plate is full to the point of heaping.
            We do have at Liberty Tree Radio, the Militia Town Hall Meeting at 7:00 pm Eastern every Friday. It is about as open of forum as you can get. If you want to get that headset and set up your Skype, I’ll have Ed add you to the group. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it.

  1. HaHaHa That is funny. Do they have diapers under them pants when they wear them like that. Yea, what`s up with that. That IS pretty funny Jesse 😆 😎

  2. Good one Jesse. This sickening trend actually began in prison. Prisoners would lower their drawers as a signal to other prisoners that he was “available”.

    And now the trend has hit the kids on the main streets, only I’m sure they don’t know what they are truly advertising.
    . . .

  3. Which one ties the shoelaces? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

    Bet you don’t have to see this stupidity where you live, Henry. Every day here.

    Good post, Jesse!

  4. Another standard issue scum like the one who got shot for blasting his lame boom boom music in his car (the feel good story of the day). Rest in piss.

      1. Ditto that too #, I agree with ya bro. 😉 Anyway I`m getting ready to call it a night so nite ya`ll, I will be up every 1 1/2 hr to stoke the fire though 🙂

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