First Accumulating Snow Aims for NYC, DC, Philly and Boston

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A storm Sunday into Monday will hit areas of the coastal Northeast, largely missed by Friday’s snow and ice. The storm threatens to bring travel delays throughout the region and power outages to thousands inland.

On Sunday, slippery conditions from snow and ice are likely over much of Virginia to southern Pennsylvania.  

During Sunday night, travel delays from wintry precipitation are likely from western Virginia to northern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey to New York City and southern New England.

On Monday, the wintry mess will focus over much of upstate New York and interior New England.

A large amount of snow is not expected in the I-95 corridor with most places receiving a brief period of snow transitioning to rain.

Only a coating to an inch or two of snow and a bit of sleet is likely along the I-95 corridor but it would be the first accumulating snow of the season so far from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. Most of the snow accumulation will be on non-paved surfaces, but slippery roads are possible.

Of the I-95 cities, Washington, D.C. may have the longest duration where temperatures are near to below the freezing mark (32 degrees) and precipitation is falling.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno, “Around portions of Virginia and Maryland, where the precipitation comes right in Sunday morning and comes down hard, these areas will have the greatest chance of an extended period of slippery travel.”

Because Washington, D.C. is located farthest inland of the I-95 cities it may take the area longer to warm up during the storm in this situation.

As the storm moves along Sunday through Monday many locations over the interior will also transition to plain rain. However, there will continue to be a few pockets where an extended period of ice occurs with treacherous driving conditions.

One area of ice is likely to focus in the I-81 corridor from western Virginia to south central Pennsylvania.

Another zone where some ice buildup is possible is over central New England and part of eastern upstate New York.

According to Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski, “Enough ice may accrue on trees and utility lines in both areas to block roads and cause power outages.”

Only if more sleet were to fall instead of freezing rain would there be less serious damage and disruption.

People attempting to catch Sunday afternoon and evening flights in or out of the mid-Atlantic are likely to experience delays and could be faced with a few cancellations. These flight disruptions will expand into New England Monday.

The storm will also put down snow and ice west of the Appalachians through much of the Midwest and rain in the South. A wintry mix will lead to slippery travel and potential flight delays from Detroit to Chicago, Minneapolis and Kansas City, Mo. Flight delays from rain and low ceilings are possible at Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C.

Road conditions are likely to improve from Washington, D.C., to New York City by Monday morning as rain takes over, but travel may be slow, slushy and slippery around Boston in the early hours. Flight delays due to rain and low ceilings may linger through much of the day Monday in the I-95 Northeast.

The northern and western suburbs of the I-95 cities will stay colder longer and are likely to have more snow, ice and travel woes when compared to the major cities closer to the coast.

6 thoughts on “First Accumulating Snow Aims for NYC, DC, Philly and Boston

  1. I’ve been ice skating across eastern Oklahoma today. Even though the weather broke, ice and slush in all lanes. the road clearing equipment couldn’t keep up with it (lack of money). I’ve had to deal with drivers that were scared to death in driving in snow and ice, 4 wheelers and 18 wheelers alike.

    When your dealing with scared shitless drivers, you start to appreciate the calculated lane pass while sharpening your ice skates, while throttling heavily as not to spin the drives while hitting the grades. It’s been an interesting day. All kinds of wrecks, more 18 wheelers than 4 wheelers believe it or not. I just get on the CB and tell them, don’t even think about changing lanes, not when I’m about to blow your doors off. LOL,,,,

    God I love this shit…. I’ll be in West Virginia on Monday delivering. Looks like more ice and snow coming my way. Can’t get away from these hell on earth weather fronts.

    1. Had a gut feeling you’d be hitting this mess. That’s why I sent it in.
      Prayers are with you for a safe run.

      1. It’s pretty bad. This Artic air makes it even more ridiculous. I feel sorry for the guys in North Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota etc. It’s so cold their engines won’t run even though they’re putting in fuel additives to keep the diesel fuel from turning into Vaseline. It’s just too damn cold for a diesel engine to run correctly.

      1. Oh yeah, there is a fine line though. It’s called stay the hell out of my way, some of us out here are trying to feed our families. 🙂

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