RADCON 5 Alert: New Jersey – RADCON 4 Up & Down East Coast

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

A RADCON 5 Alert has been issued in Edison, New Jersey as shown in the charts from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center – NETC. RADCON 4 warnings have also been issued from Virginia Beach, Virginia up as far North as New York. Is this more Fukushima radiation that has made its way across the Pacific Ocean and across America all the way to the east coast? This chart shares that not even the East coast of America is immune to Fukushima’s radiation as Japan enacts their tyrannical ‘state secrets law’ to coverup the ongoing Fukushima disaster as shared in the 1st video below while the 2nd video shares how to protect yourself from this.  


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3 thoughts on “RADCON 5 Alert: New Jersey – RADCON 4 Up & Down East Coast

    1. I go to this site every morning. While I have seen radcon 5 here in corvallis OR a few times I dont see what the site is basing its fact on. It will say radcon4 and when I measure myself I find no readings above normal.

      1. from what i know… you obtain a detector from them?? and it hooks up to their system to broadcast the test result…

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