Florida Outlaws All Computers

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So hasty were Florida lawmakers, they managed to outlaw all computers in the Sunshine State.

The absurd instance of mindless over reach by government appeared in a Florida Senate bill prohibiting electronic gambling devices and internet cafes.  

The legislation was signed into law by Florida’s former Tea Party favorite, Rick Scott. He signed the bill behind closed doors and said the ban is the “right thing to do for our state.”

Consuelo Zapata, the owner of Incredible Investments, LLC, a business in Miami-Dade that provides online services for migrant workers who is suing the state in response to the legislation, said the law is so recklessly worded that it outlaws all computers in the state, not simply those at internet cafes.

Scott and the Florida Senate passed the law in response to seniors and other state residents using “electronic gambling devices,” including computers.

The bill’s wording can be used to categorize any number of devices as illegal gambling machines, according to the Miami law firm of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, the Huffington Post reported on Monday.



2 thoughts on “Florida Outlaws All Computers

  1. Gov. Scott is a ASSHOLE.
    This is an example of all the asses in government, they DO NOT read the bills going through to be signed. If Scott read this bill he would of realized the wording was all Fu**ed up.
    Please understand that this goes on EVERY DAY in congress, those douche bags have know idea what the hell is going on because it is the BIG co-operations atterneys writting these bills.
    Every one has to know that our dick asshole president does not run this country, it is the co-operations who pay him to be a PUPPET !!!
    OBAMA is a god damb scum-bag he cares nothing for the Citizens and He don’t give a rats ass to America…
    We need to hang all these mother fu^^ers ASAP and their families..and I mean every one in the senate and congress Fuc^ them.
    They don’t give a Fuc^ about the legal US citizen. They are trying to crush the citizen’s. If the amnesty bill goes through we are F U C K E D .. There will be no more whtie man..wake up people…WTF.. zero in your scopes because it is going to get UGLY..

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