Florida School shooting with Wolfgang Halbig

Published on Feb 23, 2018

News Section for Caravan to Midnight full long-form interview Episode 889 – Wolfgang Halbig & Stefan Mudry

Feb 23, 2018

Wolfgang Halbig draws no comparisons to the Sandy Hook incident, but rather explores with John B. the inexplicable antics of the authorities in an effort to explain why people died in the Florida Parkland campus shooting of February 14. Was Cruz the lone gunman, or not?

3 thoughts on “Florida School shooting with Wolfgang Halbig

  1. Also, Wolfgang makes an interesting point that there can be no lawsuits against Remington because they are in bankruptcy, and this bankruptcy was declared BEFORE the Parkland, Florida incident. The sequence of events sure makes it appear that this was an event in the making to go after the guns.

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