Food System Collapsing Actively, Rapidly — Urgent Warning

Ice Age Farmer

Nov 7, 2019

Agriculture is collapsing as propane shortages prevent US farmers from drying their crops, just the latest blow in a record wet year. Failures of seed crops presage a difficult 2020 season. Australia’s drought forces ranchers to cull cattle — even breeding stock — an UNRECOVERABLE loss of priceless genetics. Christian steps back today to explore how the blows to global agriculture are part of the plan: an open, anti-human depopulation agenda. Start growing. Start preparing. Spread the word. Now. This means you.

12 thoughts on “Food System Collapsing Actively, Rapidly — Urgent Warning

    1. it’s either too much moisture or severe drought as in Australia

      farmers here can’t get the propane to dry the grains……a few years back they got the propane and people had to pay up the wazoo to heat their homes…was 4 bucks a gallon….huge outcry about that….part of the reason some have since converted to all electric in their homes

      1. Sorry, mary. 🙁

        Nasty cold front headed your way…

        “As a strong cold front moves through the Plains and Midwest Monday into Tuesday, temperatures will average 20-30°F below normal, leading to potential record cold high temperatures only in the 10s and 20s.”

          1. Stepped out for a smoke (NOT the cigarette kind).

            Past time for lunch, so I’ll check on the way to get some. 🙂


    They stood and watched as millions starved and died
    Kaganovich returns, and soon there is no place to hide
    Weather wars as farmers blowing out their head
    Lost their crops and now decided to be dead
    Escape the horror the communists bring to us
    He ends his life in tears as failure and disgust
    He fed so many people from his labor in his time
    The jewish writer twists his story so sublime
    Climate change, she claims, is responsible for this
    She spews the bullshit with a kabbalistic twist
    But you and I, we see the truth outside her veil
    That’s why we must not let Satan’s will prevail

      1. Thank you even more Mary (insert smiley face wiping tears)!!!
        The farmers are hurt bad, the financiers and auctioneers, not so much…

    1. Thank you for NOT capitalizing the word ‘jewish’, Bob.

      I never do, I refuse to show the stinking jews even THAT modicum of respect.

      EVIL BAST@RDS!!!

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