Former Pakistani President Musharraf Arrested For Treason

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Pakistani police have detained former President Pervez Musharraf and presented him in court after he fled when a judge ordered his arrest on Thursday.

Musharraf was arrested at his farmhouse residence on the outskirts of Islamabad early on Friday and taken to court over allegations he committed treason while in office.  

He had been holed up in the property following his dramatic flight from court on Thursday, after having already been banned from leaving the country.

TV footage showed Musharraf being escorted by uniformed police officers to an Islamabad court, following his overnight arrest, Reuters reports.

Musharraf was brought before a judge at Islamabad District Court. It is yet to be decided whether Musharraf will be detained in prison or placed under house arrest.

Government officials had been contemplating designating “sub-jail” status to Musharraf’s Chak Shahzad home, and on Friday, this was made official, according to local news agency,

The retired Pakistani army general fled the scene of Thursday’s trial in a black bullet-proof vehicle immediately following Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui’s announcement that his bail would be canceled.

He was standing trial over his handling of the judiciary in March 2007, during which some of its members were suspended, subsequently inciting the wrath of Pakistan’s judges and lawyers.

During this period, some judges had been placed under a similar form of house arrest to that which may be imposed on Musharraf.

4 thoughts on “Former Pakistani President Musharraf Arrested For Treason

  1. Maybe this guy will give up all those who were involved with putting him in power. I want to see just how big this is.

  2. Interesting. How come we can’t arrest Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and Clinton (our former presidents) for high treason?

  3. Look here fellas,

    Musharraf returned to Pakistan, fully knowing he has an arrest warrant (by certain factions), yet he still willingly returned to TRY TO GET PAKISTAN BACK ON ITS FEET (after years of USA’s war-of-terror in Afghan-NWFP).

    If you understand Pakistan, you will realize that politicians there are very corrupt.

    Sure, Mushy isn’t an angel, but he is by FAR the most competent and least corrupt of them. You realize this when you look at the other candidates.

    I’ll leave it at that, should be enough to think of “WHO” would want him out of the leadership race.


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